Monday, June 30, 2014

End of summer (phone)

I'm not very creative on these catch up posts...Here's more summer pool pics (surprise!)
Laiken with mom & dad.
Kinley jumping at Clayton's 3rd birthday party.
Kinley lookin' cute at our family reunion (which I didn't take pictures of apparently).
Scott caught Laiken's first time rolling over on camera, thank goodness!
Sister bonding time.
Woah, diva crossing!  I LOVE her pigtails!
Goodness, I'm catching a diva theme going on...
Dining at the new Five Guys burgers.
This girl has such a sweet personality!  She's always so smiley!
Boating is exhausting!
We spent a lot of the summer on our swing set, too.
We celebrated Jess's bridal shower!
Scott's parents kept Laiken one afternoon so we could have a boat day with Kinley.  She loved playing in the lake!
Summer isn't complete without a stop into Cherry Berry for some frozen yogurt!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

More from July 2013

We had such a fun summer!  Apparently I forgot to upload a bunch of summer pics...
Kinley jumped to Uncle Andy.
Kinley & Presley snacking by the pool

The kids at IBYC
We celebrated Aunt Coco's birthday (and my mom's).
We hung out inside quite a bit with this sweet pea.
Kinley helped us learn to maintain a pool.
We had lots of friends over to swim - Kinley (almost 2) & Clayton (almost 3).
Someone doesn't want to grow up...and this would probably be why the swing eventually broke...
Sweet sister moments
Some of the Tucker girls!
We loved swimming with our cousins!
We made sure to get Laiken outside when it wasn't too hot out.
I LOVE having a full pool!  Great memories!
Dinner at Big Bob's BBQ
Finally an adult night out with my honey!
Sweet Laiken Lou
We did something other than boat & swim, I promise.  We went to the park, too!
It's amazing how much the girls have grown since that summer!