Monday, April 29, 2013

Megan's Baby Shower

I am SO far behind on blogging but I promise I have good excuses!  I'm going to try to get caught up so these next few posts will be short & sweet.

We celebrated the upcoming arrival of baby Forshee in March.  My cousin Megan and I are only 6 months apart so we grew up very close and that makes it even more exciting that our baby girls will be super close in age, too!  
She got tons of great gifts and I even saw a few "must haves" that I'll have to buy now, too!
Megan's sis-in-law Stephanie, her daughter Kate, Kinley, and me.
Treat tables!
We made sure to get a baby bump picture before I left and I just about died when I saw it!  Woooow, I was ready to pop!  And Megan just looks super cute!
We can't wait to meet her little peanut!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

She's Here!

We welcomed Laiken Grace into the world 
on April 9, 2013 at 3:53pm.
She weighed 8 lbs 2.5 oz and was 21 inches long.

She's perfect and looks a lot like her big sister!
Her first bow
Proud daddy with his second baby girl.

I can't believe it's almost been 2 weeks since I had Laiken!  Kinley loves her little sister and is such a big helper just like I imagined.  There are times that she acts like she could care less and other times when she runs over, lets out a huge laugh, and plants a big kiss on Laiken's head.  Talk about melt my heart!

Hopefully I can get caught up soon but for now, I'm enjoying every moment with my girls! 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Random Kinley Stuff

I still need to upload all of our pictures from Easter (yes, I actually used my camera & not my phone) so these will have to hold you over until then...
Kinley has decided to do this when I ask her to smile.  No idea where this came from but it needs to end before I take her to get her 18 month pictures taken (a few weeks late), ha!
She spent the weekdays at Grandma Weezie & Papa Ron's house since Sue was in FL and I learned some very important lessons:  1. they will play outside in the dirt/snow all day regardless of the cute outfit that I have on her, 2. do not send her in cute clothes unless you want them to get dirty, 3. they play hard at grandma's so do not be alarmed if she comes home with random bumps, bruises, or scrapes from sticks. I know she had tons of fun so it's worth it, and anyone that knows Scott's parents will roll their eyes at me that I didn't think about all of these things. ;)

I've really slowed down these days so I took advantage and just sat with Kinley while she napped on Saturday morning.  What a sweet snuggle bug.

A preview from Easter morning - look at those sleepy eyes.

Some Most days Kinley ends up in our bed at some point during the night and I had to document the bed hog.  She couldn't be bothered while watching Sophia!
I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned that I love these sweeties a time or two...
I debated whether or not this was "blog appropriate" but since all the parts are covered, I figure we're good.  Doesn't everyone read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" before their bath???
Scott is in heaven - watching Blackhawks hockey with his baby girl.  (I saw the jersey at Target and I knew Scott would have my head if I didn't buy it for her!)
That's all for now!  
Check back for an Easter post, 18 month update, & hopefully a baby update (11 days)!  Oh, and maybe a few other major life changes!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bump Watch 2013: Week 38

I've officially made it - I'm ready to pop.  I get sympathy looks, questions about when I'm due, and I must remember to start every phone call with "no I'm not in labor."  This is the home stretch but life has only gotten crazier during the past few weeks.  Now I'm hoping that baby will choose to come closer to my due date!

I had my 38 week appointment this morning and I'm still 50% effaced and a little over 1cm dilated but not enough to call me 2.  Boo!  It's time that I start walking again!
Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 38 weeks
Size of baby: 19.5 inches & 6.5-7 pounds, the size of a pumpkin!

Total weight gain/loss: 30ish pounds.
Maternity clothes: It's sad when your maternity clothes start getting too small...

Gender: It's a GIRL! I think we've agreed on a name but still finalizing the spelling.

Movement: She's running out of room in there so her movement has slowed down a little but she's still pretty active.

Sleep: Sleeping like a rock with minimal hip pain & acid reflux, yay!

What I miss: Being comfortable.
Cravings:  Sub sandwiches & sweets.

Symptoms: Lots of pelvic pressure/pain and occassional contractions but nothing consistent.
Memorable moment for the week: Two friends had their baby girls last week so that means I should be next!  It's all finally becoming real!