Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1 Month Old

Kinley -
I can't believe it's been a whole month already!!  Boy, have we come a long way from that first week!  I feel like this month has been a lot of "getting to know you."  Getting to know your personality, how you like to be held, what things you like to sit in, how often you like to eat, how long you sleep, when you nap, etc.
Since you've slept a lot this month we haven't got to see much of your personality yet.  When you're belly is full, you're content and sweet as a button but when you're hungry or wet, you're pretty feisty!  At the end of the month you started smiling at us and we are so excited to see more smiles and how your personality develops!
You are definitely a snuggler - you don't like when we put you down very much.  I'm pretty sure you would be held all day if we could.  You love when we hold you out in front of us and bounce you up and down - that's quite a bicep workout for whover is holding you!  You also love to be walked and bounced around, I guess that's one way to get mommy back in shape!
We bought you this super-awesome cadillac of swings that we knew you would love!  Not so much - you're definitely not a fan.  We hope that you'll learn to love it as you grow since most kids love swings...right?!  haha. 
One place that you do love to hang out is your changing table.  We think it helps you work the air out of your little buddha belly since you're a pretty gassy girl! : )  You'll lay there forever just looking around your room at the lights and shadows.  Actually, all of the lights in our house keep you entertained no matter what room we're hanging out in.  You've really been focusing on objects a lot better during the last week.
Looking at the lights
You are a very good eater and your belly is evidence of that.  I think you would eat every hour if I let you!  I would catch myself saying "you can't be hungry already!" all the time - I'm such a mean mommy ; )  By the end of the month we had established a pretty good eating routine every 2-3.5 hours and more often in the evenings.  You'll go longer at night in between feedings so that we can all get some sleep, thank goodness!  
You slept through the night (6 hours straight) for the first time during week 3 and have been sleeping 5-6 hours straight most nights.  We usually put you down around 10pm and you'll sleep until 3 or 4am and then we're up again between 6 & 7am for the day - we aren't complaining!  After our morning "play time" you go down for a nap around 10am and sleep really well until noon.  Then you snooze for a few more hours and wake up for the remainder of the day between 2 and 3.  You're usually up for the rest of the afternoon and evening with small cat naps.  You get pretty fussy from 6-10pm so mommy and daddy spend the evenings rocking you, walking you, bouncing you, etc - anything to keep you happy.
We love listening to you squeak and grunt especially while you sleep and stretch.  You haven't started cooing much yet so we cherish every little squeak you make!
Stretching in Aunt Maureen's arms
You got really good use out of your newborn clothes as you were in that size all month.  Some of your sleepers are starting to get tight so I have a feeling we'll be moving onto 0-3 months pretty soon.  I put on the outfit that you wore home from the hospital and it looked like highwaters on you.  Grandma told me to get out a tub and start putting away the clothes you're outgrowing - we thought that was pretty sad!  We want you to keep growing but not too fast!  You've also been in newborn diapers all month, but we'll be moving onto size 1 when we're done with this box.

You have your 1 month doctor appointment Monday so I'll update your stats then.  Update: You weighed 10 lbs 8 oz & were 20.5 inches long - you're definitely growing!  I didn't get the "percentile" info but you were in the middle of the curve on everything.
We love you so so so much already and can't wait to see how you grow and change in the next few months!  (but not too fast, haha).

Has it been 4 weeks already?!?

Hi blog readers!
Our busy weekend continued with a trip to Southwind Park on Monday morning (Columbus day).  It was a gorgeous morning for a walk so the park was pretty busy.  We played on the playground for a while, walked around the park on the trail, and ate Head West for lunch, yum!  It was nice to finally get some exercise!
Maille's backflip
Laney before her backflip 
How Brayden felt about being the only boy...
Just kidding! He didn't care : ) 
Kinley snoozin at the park
Kinley & me under the arches
The cousins minus Rian & Aidan
B pushed Kinley for me
Maille, me, Kinley & Kim before they hit the road

Monday (10/10/11) was also our 1 year wedding anniversary!  This year has flown by, probably because we were a little pre-occupied for 9 of the months.  We reflected on what we were doing 1 year ago in Sanibel - I was getting ready at the spa, Scott sat at the pool bar until he had to get ready, saying "I do," watching a beautiful sunset, dancing up a storm, and partying the night away.  
This year, we left Kinley with my parents so we could have a date night.  This was the first time we left her and even though I totally trust my parents, I was still a little anxious.  I felt so guilty for leaving her but I knew I needed to get over that.  We hadn't had sushi in forever so we indulged at Osaka!  We also had key lime pie martinis in honor of our key lime wedding cake.
The restaurant was dead so we were back home in an hour and a half.  My parents figured we scarfed down our food & hurried back home to Kinley but we actually took our time, haha.  My mom even popped some champagne & made us key lime cupcakes to celebrate!  We couldn't have asked for a better 1 year anniversary gift than our little peanut!

Aunt Beth & her roomie Gayle came up from STL to see Kinley on Wednesday and brought Laura to visit.  We did a lot of sitting around, catching up, and relaxing.  We tried to snap a quick pic before they left but Kinley was hungry and wasn't having it.
Laura pinched her! haha
Kinley had her first long road trip this week!  We traveled to Rock Island on Saturday for my cousin Amanda's baby shower.  She and Eric are due in December and we can't wait to meet their little boy!  I was a little nervous to drive 2.5 hours with a newborn in the car so we allowed some extra time in case we needed to stop.  I'm guessing that Kinley wanted to show off so that she could road trip again because she was perfect.  She slept the whole way up, I fed her at my grandparents house, she slept for most of the shower, I fed her again before we left, and she slept almost the whole way home.  She was pretty content when she was awake so I was sooo relieved.  (I know it won't always be that way)!  It was great to see my aunts and cousins since we don't get up there nearly enough!  

Kinley had one final "first" this week - the huge blowout...and mommy got to change it.
Scott's caption:  "Who smuggled the mustard?!"
(And yes, I know these get worse) haha!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 3 Wrap-up

I'm trying so hard to get caught up on the blog so that I can just blog about certain events/milestones on (or at least close to) the day they happen instead of blogging about a whole week which takes forever.
On October 4th, Kinley and I picked up daddy from work to make our 1st trip to the Apple Barn.  We were on the hunt for pumpkins and wanted to get some cute pictures, too!  We got 5 pumkpins to carve (1 for each family member),  some decorative pumpkins, apples, & apple cider slushies (a must have!)  
Daddy & Kinley
Our little "Boo" with the punkins
Love our little family : )
Snoozin' in the cart 
We stayed at home a lot during the first part of the week so I could finally learn her "schedule" which seems to change daily, haha.  Thursday we ran to Babies R Us, picked up my contacts & met Sue for lunch at the Corner Pub.  We actually made it out of the house on time which is huge!  Kinley was awake through most of lunch and only fussed a little bit, thank goodness!  
Sleeping at lunch too
The weather was gorgeous this week & our house got kind of warm so I had a naked baby on my lap to cool us off.  
Biiiiig stretch 
If you're wondering if I'm getting enough
food, check out my Buddah Belly! haha
The parade was very exciting... 
Friday afternoon was Rochester's Homecoming parade so Kinley & I ventured to the parade to see Kylie, Delaney, & Brayden on the soccer float.  I immediately regretted that decision when we 1st walked up as the firetrucks & police cars were coming up the hill - I didn't want my poor child to be scared to death of the sirens!  She ended up sleeping right through it, not sure how.  She continued to sleep through the rest of the parade as well.  We walked over to the bank afterward so grandma could show off her new grandbaby. : )
I only got a pic of Brayden - the girls were on the other side.

Aunt Kim & cousin Maille came down from Aurora to meet Kinley on Friday night.
Maille was 2 when Scott & I started dating - now she's 13!!
Rockin' her 1st headband (they're all too big!)
Aunt Kimmy & Kinley
Maille, Kinley, & Delaney - they're excited to be
her gymnastics & cheer coaches someday!
We went to the Fall Festival at Lincoln Memorial Gardens on Saturday morning with Grandma Weezy & Aunt Chistie.
Strollin' around the festival
Took a pit stop from walking the trails to get a photo

That afternoon we went over to Grandma & Grandpa's house to help Aunt Cora get ready for her senior homecoming.
Pretty girls 
G-ma & Kinley
My little ruffle-butt!!
Sunday we went to Scheels & the mall to get daddy some gifts for this birthday that day.  Kinley didn't care for Scheels too much so she fussed a lot & grandma got to carry her around.  We ran to the mall too & mommy got to shop for real clothes for the 1st time since  last spring!  I picked up some cute cotton tunic/dresses that are forgiving since I'm not back in my jeans yet.  (Hopefully in the next few weeks!)
Changing my diaper at Scheels
Daddy got to spend the whole weekend in the Ozarks for the Harbor Hop and got back late Sunday night just in time to celebrate his 27th birthday.  
Daddy got a couple "cases" for his birthday - diapers & Corona, haha 
Kylie was gone at a soccer tourny all weekend &
couldn't wait to hold Kinley!
How many cousins does it take to change a diaper? 
"Ok you guys, that's enough!" ; )
Daddy's favorite birthday present was his princess Kinley : )