Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Our Christmas Day celebration continued at my parents house for lunch.
Cora & Scott
Gigi & her 6th great-grandbaby!  She'll have 8 in March!
Daddy & Kinley playing
Andy relaxing
Feeding his babydoll
After lunch & some much needed lounging on the couch, we returned to Scott's parents for our last Christmas Day destination.
We were VERY sleepy after all the excitement
The girls needed their Kinley fix!
Family photo on Christmas night
After eating yet another large meal, we enjoyed a few drinks and played the infamous present game!  This game gets pretty intense, especially considering we're playing for a bunch of junk usually!
As Christmas day came to a close I remembered how truly lucky we are to have big loving and supportive families.  It really wears us out to make sure we make every party but it's so worth it to spend time with the people we love!  Kinley was one worn out little girl by the end so she got plenty of naps in the days after!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Morning 2011

Christmas morning was here before we knew it so we went to Scott's parents house at 8am for Christmas Day Round 1.
We all gathered in the living room while the kiddos passed out gifts.
Our 2 "K" girls!
 Everyone decided that Kinley had to start since it was her 1st Christmas.  I obviously had to help so I grabbed the first gift I saw with a picture of Kinley on it (without looking at the gift tag).  We opened it up to reveal a . . . futon cover. . . for Kinley??  Big oops on mommy's part - that was supposed to be our gift!  Hahaha.
Kinley waiting with anticipation!
 We moved on to a real gift for Kinley - a shirt from Hawaii & a Notre Dame outfit!
Big girl helping me open her real 1st gift!

A Notre Dame cheerleader outfit from the O'Connors!  Love it!

The boys got matching Blackhawks sweatshirts from us...

Laney waiting to see what she got!
Scott was our designated photographer because I knew I wouldn't get any pictures holding Kinley.  Here's a few more candids...
Ugg boots for Maille!
Sharpie jersey for Rian!
This Christmas stuff wears a girl out!

My sleepy sweetie pie
The last gift was waiting in the garage for Grandma Weezie...
A new golf cart to use when she's working at the park!

All the kiddos in the golf cart

Our stockings
After we were done opening gifts we went to my parents house for Christmas Day Round 2.
Kinley & "BH" ; )
Kinley was so excited that she slept in her car seat the whole time so I opened her gifts.
Super cute dresses from Aunt Beth & Michael!

More Mud Pie outfits, our favorite!

I think our designated photographer was off duty after this so we didn't get too many pictures of the rest of our gifts, oops!
Aunt Beth & Kinley
After gifts, we hurried to clean everything up and prep to have family over for lunch!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

Once Christmas Eve hits, it's usually go, go, go until the 26th when we get to relax for a bit.  This year Beth, Andy, & I went to church with Grandma and then headed to the Jeffers for Christmas Eve Round 1.  I wasn't sure about taking Kinley to church especially since it's usually packed for Christmas Eve mass so she stayed with daddy and met us later.  We were welcomed by 2 beautiful babies - Ava & Kinley. 
 Kinley with Grandma & Ava with Aunt Rachele (from Hawaii!)
Just taking in the scene

Our 2 favorite Christmas Gifts!
Since a lot of us have to celebrate 2 Christmas Eve's, we chowed down & then gathered to play the white elephant gift game.  There were some interesting gifts this year!
Laura got beans??  I don't remember!
Nothing will phase this super daddy, not even an over-tired, over-stimulated 3 month old with a bow on her head!  (Notice the paci in the mouth).  Aunt Beth enjoyed her mitten that doubled as a drink/bottle coozie!
Rachele got a shake weight - hey, that's a good one! ; )
After the game we exchanged a few other gifts & went to Rob & Sue's house for the Tucker celebration.  Here's all the cousins piled on the couch:
Brayden, Rian, Delaney, Maille, Kinley, Kylie, & Aidan

Kinley showing off her Christmas dress &
shoes with Grandma Weezie!
As usual, the crowd always seems to gather around the island in the kitchen.  Isn't it like this for every family?  We enjoyed even more goodies & tracked Santa online to make sure we were home in bed by the time he was close!
Kim, Christie, Chris, & Sue
Kinley's "I'm over it" face - with Ann, Rian & Kylie

Rian & Kinley having a very in depth conversation
Maille (our big 8th grader!) and Kin
I have no idea what time we left, but I do know that I had ZERO presents wrapped!  So Scott & I hurried home to get everything ready for the big day in the morning!