Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Play Date

A few weeks ago we finally got to introduce Kinley to her future boyfriend.
*wink wink* 
Of course daddy says no way!

Our good friends Matt & Julie brought Clayton over to play for an afternoon.  I snapped some quick pics but I just couldn't get the flash/lighting right.  Oh well, you get the gist of how stinkin' cute these two are!
Kinley swinging

I made buffalo chicken bites as an alternative to the normal dip.  They were super messy to make & not as easy as the dip but everyone loved them!  (Thanks, Pinterest!)
Clayton checking out the new kid on the block
Aaw, I think I like this baby!
Here, I'll help you swing.
Clay reminded me of Patrick Kane with is 'plug' hanging out the side of this mouth.
Hi mom!
Yep, she's pretty cute!
Clay was being such a good helper & taking daddy a beer. haha
Clay was so cute with Kinley & loved the dogs, too.  We had a great time catching up with our friends (who I didn't get any pictures of, oops!)  Kinley is a little over a year younger than Clay so they're still close enough in age that I'm sure they'll have lots of fun growing up together!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

5 Months Old!

Kinley -

You have grown so much this month & are really starting to act like a big girl (baby).  I started sitting you up more and you seem to enjoy it a lot!  Sometimes you end up hunched over trying to eat your toes but you've learned to sit up straight pretty well by yourself until you decide to gracefully topple/roll over.
You rolled over completely by yourself on January 28 (from belly to back).  I tried to get it on video but you didn't want to perform after you did it once.  You still don't like tummy time very much so you haven't rolled over much since then but I'm not concerned.
You're still very talkative & giggly, especially on your changing table!  I melt when you're laying on your changing table and I lean down to give you kisses and you grab my cheeks and lay a big slobbery open mouth kiss on me!
Your toes always seem to find a way in your mouth, too!  I need to post the video of that!
You are starting to favor a few people like mommy, daddy, and Aunt Sue.  You see your grandparents weekly but still take a little bit to warm up since you don't see them daily.  Both grandpa's and Uncle Andy make you cry - we're guessing you aren't used to men yet since you mainly see women.  We keep reminding them that you'll come around!
You have really taken an interest in the dogs.  You like to grab Tiki's face and always stare at that silly squishy face.  When Buffett realizes you are petting him, he gives you one quick look and jets off the couch! haha
Staying asleep continues to be an issue but you are pretty good at going to sleep.  We started putting you down a little groggy instead of fully asleep and you've been able to put yourself to sleep pretty well (at 8pm).  We still play the paci game a few times per night & you're always up to eat a little after 5 even if we try to make you wait longer.  Dr. Dolan told us to let you cry and you'd figure out how to soothe yourself but mommy & daddy haven't let you cry for too long yet.  Yep, we're already wrapped around your finger...uh oh! :)

You make new noises all the time, it's a riot!  You're squeeling up a storm & sometimes you'll even yell if we're in the other room!  You always want someone hanging out with you.
You try to hold your bottle when we're walking from the kitchen to the living room and usually end up getting it in your mouth!  You're also still holding your bottle when you eat but it's still too heavy for you to do the whole time.
We started cereal on Monday, February 6.  We heard it might help you sleep better and we were ready to try anything if it meant we got more sleep!  You loved the cereal & even tried to help us feed you.  (We didn't notice a difference in your sleep but it's still fun for something new at night).  We're still planning to start you on baby food after your 6 month appointment & we can't wait!

I still can't believe that your next post will be your 1/2 birthday!  Stop growing so fast! : )

We love you, Kinley (K, Kin, sissy, babydoll)!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Grandma Evelyn's 80th Birthday!

My Grandma Evelyn turned 80 on January 21st and all 7 of her kids flew in to celebrate!  We met up on Friday night at D'arcy's Pint for horseshoes - a must for any out of towner!  We stuck with salads since we can have a horseshoe anytime, plus I don't think my bathing suit would appreciate all of that cheese sauce! 

**Warning** picture overload!
Laura & Craig

Jake, his fiance' Kaylen, & Garrett from Texas

Phil's parents, Phil & Pam from Texas

Sophie, Aunt Patricia, Aunt Denise, & Uncle Mike x's 2

Uncle Mark, mom, Grandma, Aunt Rindie, Uncle Mark

Uncle Mike & Uncle Scott (representing Texas)
Cora, Scott, & me

Ashley & her sweet tooth ordered strawberry shortcake, yum!
I'm sure Presley enjoyed it in her belly, too.

After dinner we went back to my parents house to hang, have a few cocktails, and catch up.
Craig, Laura, & Andy

Mom, Kaylen, & Pam
Kinley eating her hands like always

We were up bright and early Saturday morning to surprise Grandma with manicures & pedicures for a relaxing birthday morning.  Almost all of her daughters, granddaughters, & great-granddaughters were able to go, it was so nice!  I think we were just missing Tami, Cheyenne, Priscilla, Lola, & Rachele. 
Cousins: Amanda, Alexa, Sophie, & Cora
Beth & Aunt P talking 'nurse'

LJ & Ava
GG, Ava, & Laura

After our morning at the spa, Grandma & her kids went to get family pictures taken.  It sounds like they had tons of fun, especially with the props!  I think it's awesome that all of her kids made it back to celebrate her birthday.
 Grandma & her kids
 The girls
 Not sure how they got the guys to agree to this!
"Lucky 7"

These 7 kids gave her 19 grandchildren & 7 (almost 8) great-grandchildren so far!  If you count our spouses like she does, that's 30 grandkids!  (I think my math is right...)
That night we went to Chesapeake Seafood House for a nice dinner.
Me & my babydoll
Family photo & yes, I admit, that I might
have slightly coordinated outfits ; )

Uncle Mike giving a toast & sharing fun stories about G-ma
Some of the young grandkids
Sophie, Alexa, Cade, Hadley, Sam, & Cole

The kids helping her blow out her candles!

Aunt Patricia made a slide show and set up a huge screen to play pictures of grandma throughout the night.  It was so fun to see the really old pictures and even some that were only 5-10 years old - we all looked so young!  We did our fair share of making fun of each others style choices back in the day - it was too easy!  Some of my grandmas friends came by after dinner to wish her a happy birthday and hang out.  I think she really enjoyed her special day.

On Sunday morning we tried to recreate our 'cousins' picture but we were missing quite a few and the kids weren't really having it.  Makes me laugh!
My Grandma has always been an amazing and very hard working woman and I can only hope to be half as great as she is! She raised 7 kids on the farm and a the younger ones basically by herself after my grandpa passed away, something I could never even imagine! Not only is she selfless and loving but she's also tech savvy - the family got her an iPad for Christmas! Always so hip. :)

I hope you had an amazing birthday that you'll never forget, Grandma (GG) - We love you!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Random

So I'm a little behind on the blog & this always makes me overwhelmed so I put off updating it even longer, ugh.  Does this happen to any other bloggers?

Anyway, I should really be working on the state budget since the budget address is next Wednesday and we're crazy busy right now BUT I wanted to blog a sweet snippet from today instead.

While putting together an audit packet I wrote my name at the top & it made me smile so I sent Scott this text:

Oooh young love. I know, I know, gag me! hahaha but I still love it!

My Little Valentine

We didn't have a very exciting Valentine's Day yesterday & that's fine with me.  I was stuck at work until 9pm so we wouldn't have had time to do anything anyway. 

It was still a very special valentine's day though because it was Kinley's first!  Here's a picture of our favorite little valentine rocking her onesie from Aunt Beth.
I just need to squish those cheeks!

Later that day I got the best V-day surprise delivery...nope not flowers, but my valentine!
She loves those fingers lately (actually her whole fist) so we couldn't get them out for a quick pic.  Oh well, love her anyway!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Beth's 26th Birthday

Beth turned 26 on January 6 so I roadtripped to STL to celebrate with my sister!  This was the rare occassion that I make an exception and stay out way too late and regret it in the morning.  Kinley stayed home and had daddy time.
The gang at dinner
We went to Rosalita's (a mexican place) for dinner and enjoyed margaritas and great food!  The margaritas were a little larger than we anticipated so we were feeling pretty good when we left.
Beth & Michael
Our first stop was Double D's, a kareoke bar by the Galleria.  I really wanted to go shopping but tried to stay focused on the birthday!  :)  We had a few beers, some shots, and learned the real words to a few songs.  Did anyone know that New York by Alicia Keyes said "concrete jungle" in it??  Nope, neither did we.  Oooh the things you'll learn at kareoke.  None of us were brave enough to get on stage though so we just enjoyed the performances.
The gang + 2 sweet doctors that they work with!
Super fun girls!
We went to a couple other bars and ended up at the Library which is next to SLU so there were tons of college kids there.  I'm pretty sure we went there a few years ago and got called old so I vowed to never go there again!  I think this is the 2nd time I've been there since then, ha!  It's close to Beth's apartment so it's usually our last stop on the way home.  I felt the need to show everyone that "I still got it" on the dance floor even though I'm a mom.  I'm sure the hubs would have been proud!  ; )
Sibs pic
We ended the adventure at 3am and I don't think I got to bed until 4.  This mama was up and ready to get home to my Kinley bear at 9.  I'm pretty sure that my brain just knows that I can't afford to have a hangover while taking care of a child because I felt fine all day!  Pre-mama Sarah would have laid on the couch all day eating popcycles. :)  "Mama Sarah" got home and played with my munchkin all day!

It definitely gets hard balancing being a new mom with still keeping your committment to family & friends.  I'm so glad that I took an evening off to celebrate with my sister and make lots of fun memories!  (but I was also really glad to return home to see my princess).

Happy Birthday, sissy!