Sunday, October 27, 2013

Forth of July Weekend

On the actual 4th of July, we went to my aunt & uncles house for the day.
The kids swam all afternoon and the adults enjoyed some adult beverages!
We had people over the Saturday after to celebrate some more!
Kinley loved the bubbles!
She also got really brave and went off the diving board.
We had quite the crew at the pool that day.
Laiken & Kinley were definitely not attention deprived.
The girls did gymnastics & stunted.

The girls were still a little young to stay up super late for the fireworks so we put them to bed and watched the local fireworks from our driveway.  What a fun weekend!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The fastest post ever written

Time for the fastest re-cap ever!

Girl morning at Panera!  Someone thought they were all mine, ha!
Uncle Andy & Kinley playing in the baby pool!  We had lots of fun pool days.
Kinley playing horsey with daddy.
Then she thought daddy should lay on top of her.

Pool day at Island Bay & Laiken's first time there.
One of my new favorite pics of Laikey baby.
K enjoying her grilled cheese by the pool...
And this would be another fave pic of my little peanut.  <3

This was really happening for a while!!  Kinley was obsessed with the potty in May & June.
Laiken enjoying her play mat by the pool.

Some of the Tucker girls on father's day.

Laiken at her 2 month doctor appointment.

Crazy Kinley with upside down hair.

Kinley doing a little evening reading (Laiken's well baby doctor checkup book). haha

We went to watch Kylie & Brayden in their 3 v. 3 soccer tournament one weekend.

Just another pool day with my big girl.

One of my best buds, Katie, came in town so we could all meet her "new" little man, Vaughn.  He wasn't so new anymore but it was SO fun to get our kiddos together!  This was one of the first times I tried wrangling the 2 girls by myself at an event.

Love this sweet & sassy girl!
What??? I'm not a baby??

We watched the Blackhawks clinch another Stanley Cup victory!

We watched this sweet pea grow & grow.

Kinley helped water the flowers in the backyard.

And last but not least, my brother & his fiance Alicia asked Kinley to be the flower girl in their wedding next June!  Alicia was so cute and made a personalized tumbler for Kinley & wrote a little poem to ask her.  Someone was VERY excited!  And Scott & I get to be in the wedding too, how fun!!

PS:  Fastest post that I've ever written - 8 minutes.  DONE.  :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Potty, Pool, & Pretty girls

The end of May & the month of June were fun months as were getting settled into our new home.

Kinley enjoyed watching the delivery guy install our new washer/dryer.  Lookin' super cute in her romper!

We celebrated Andy & Alicia's nursing school graduation.  And this is a major milestone - Kinley is finally letting guys hold her!  Woohoo for little victories!
Oh this face...
And Laiken wanted to do a little cheer for her uncle & aunt:

We had lots of fun on my maternity leave.  Kinley learned to "pose" from her older cousins and this is how she did hers:
Her little personality is SO funny!  I won't try to claim that one, I'll give the credit to my hubs. :)

Kinley kept showing an interest in the potty so we took her potty at every demand.  Her baby even wanted to go!

Another random day at home & Kinley posing...
(I'm pretty sure her fingers are supposed to be doing a peace sign).

We spent lots of time loving on lil sis, too.
And I say this all the time but these pictures melt my heart!

I got the girls all dressed up in their red, white, & blue for memorial day weekend.  Aaaah, the start to summer!
The sweet girlies hanging out before everyone came over to swim.
Kinley enjoyed her guacamole by the pool (it's been a fave since she turned 1)!
My little poser by the pool.  I had to crop out the bottom because she may have been holding my adult beverage...
This little one continued to steal our hearts every day.

We also did a little mowing:
and lots of hanging out.
Our little Laikey just hung out and was so content just watching everyone.

We were in the pool almost every weekend & had so much fun!  The weather didn't get super hot which was annoying but we still got in all the pool time that we could!
My sis-in-law came down from Aurora a lot this summer and it was SO awesome to have all the cousins together to play!
Yes, my child is swimming with a coordinating bow in her hair.  I've already been made fun of for that.  She needs her hair out of her face!  :)  :)
These girls had a few matching outfits...
Kinley got a little play time in while Laiken napped.

I swear I'm raising a fish.  Kinley is so happy in the water and I hope that continues.
A little baby yoga by the pool...
And one last sister shot.  Kinley likes to lay down and play with Laiken on her play mat.  Such a good big sis!