Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sunshine, bows, and snow

We're supposed to be in Sanibel this week so we've been anything but happy especially considering the crazy weather we've had!  How about we take a little trip down memory lane from last year and just act like we're enjoying the sunshine on the beach...
It seems silly but I'm really super duper bummed that we can't recreate these pictures below!
Anyway, enough whining, back to reality!
Last week was a lot of random...tried giving Kinley a ponytail and she wasn't having it so this is what we ended up with!

She loves her baths and making silly faces.  She is such a ham!

One night this week she spotted a bunch of bows sitting on the kitchen counter and had to put them in her hair (that's my girl!)  I think she had 3 in her hair in this picture.  And yes, she had frosted mini wheats for dinner, don't judge. :)
She's also become quite the pro at using our phones and her newest trick is taking self portraits of her eyes & hair.  It's funny to open my camera roll and find out if she's had my phone or not.
The most exciting part of our week was getting a record breaking 17.5 inches of snow on Sunday (March 24).  Last year it was in the 80's that week and this year we got snowmageddon!
Kinley loved playing & sledding in the snow but wouldn't try to eat it, ha!
I didn't want to risk falling so Scott played and I was the photographer. :)
He taught K how to make snowballs but we didn't have time to make a snow man.
He definitely got his workout running around the yard while I yelled "be careful, don't let her tip over!"  I'm obviously the over-cautious parent.
Even though I'm not a huge fan of snow, I still thought it looked beautiful.  These pictures don't do it justice.
Thankfully, the roads weren't too terrible so we made it to work safely.
Now that the snow is already melting and the temps are rising, we're preparing for the Easter bunny to visit this weekend!  I think Kinley will have so much fun hunting for eggs this year!

Monday, March 25, 2013

St. Patrick's Day and more

We went to Burger Bar some night during the past few weeks.  There's a little stage area for bands and Kinley loved running around on it.  She was also obsessed with the elephant statue that they have out front.
Good thing they weren't too busy - we were "those parents" who let their kid run around so they could eat.  :)

Enjoying a little Sonic run a few weekend ago.
She loves helping me in the kitchen and thought she was pretty big stuff in these oven mitts.  I thought she looked like our little lobster, ha!
Another random week night - Kinley trying to give (or take) Tiki's bone.

St. Patrick's Day weekend actually turned out to be an extended 4 day weekend since Kinley caught a tummy bug Sunday night. It was really nice to have 4 days off in a row without any real plans!  We started Friday out with a visit to Target and snagged some super cute swimsuits!
I tried one of them on Kinley to make sure it wasn't too small and she loved playing in it.  She even thought it was worth taking a few "selfies" on Scott's phone, ha!
This made me SO excited for summer!

We had a play date with Emily & Mackenzie on Saturday.  Goofy girl coloring before we left and showing off her St. Patty's Day shirt - "I'm all the luck you need."
She decided to take a head dive into the corner of our brick wall which resulted in a nasty cut in her hairline.  It's not the first or last cut but I feel bad every time she gets hurt!
We finally made it to Emily's house after someone decided to fall asleep on the way there and enjoy her morning nap in the car.
It's so much fun to watch her interact with kids her age!  She always takes a little time to warm up but they were sharing toys and running around with the dogs in no time!

We went to Gallina's for pizza to celebrate a friend's birthday on Saturday night.  The kids loved playing with the jukebox but unfortunately Kinley is still way too short to reach so she needed a little boost.
We were up bright and early on St. Patrick's Day to make green pancakes, yum!  We hung around the house most of the day, nothing too exciting to report.
And then it hit...Kinley was super fussy when we put her to bed Sunday night but I didn't think much of it until Scott came in telling me that she had thrown up around 1am.  Poor baby.  I sat up with her until 4:30am when she finally quit getting sick.  Thank the lord for my phone that let me Facebook, blog, and play on Pinterest for a few hours while she dozed off.  After getting a few hours of sleep I decided to take a sick day to have some extra cuddle time with my sickly baby.
She kept wanting to eat my ice so I thought that it was necessary to make a Sonic run to introduce her to the best ice in the world!  Large cup of ice?  Don't mind if we do!
Later we had a popsicle because they make everything better!
Luckily, she was feeling better that night so it was back to the grind on Tuesday.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bump Watch 2013: Week 36

Well we've made it to 36 weeks, only 1 month to go!  I had a doctors appointment on Tuesday and I was so excited to see if there was any progress.  My doctor was in surgery at the hospital so I saw a new doctor and she confirmed that baby girl is head down, I'm 50% effaced, & a little over 1cm dilated!  That's all I was hoping for - a little progress.
I think I was just about the same at 36 weeks with Kinley so maybe that means baby #2 will come a little sooner?!  I won't hold my breath...  BUT the doctor did say "I don't think you'll see your due date" as she breezed out of the room.  I really hope she's right because I am more than ready to meet this baby!  Our house may not be ready but I sure am!
I started getting nervous about labor & delivery this week so I'm planning to open up my binder from our classes that we took less than 2 years ago.  It's amazing how much I feel like I've forgotten.

Kinley turned 18 months old Tuesday morning so I really wanted to get a few pictures of her by herself, too, but this was hard enough to capture.  She thinks she's the new photographer and loves taking pictures on our phones.
And to compare...
Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 36 weeks
Size of baby: 18.5 inches & 6 pounds, the size of a melon.
Total weight gain/loss: 25+ pounds.
Maternity clothes: Love.them. But I'm very excited to buy non-maternity spring & summer clothes!
Gender: It's a GIRL! I think we're getting close on a name!

Movement: There is always a knee, foot, or booty sticking out when she's awake.  Some nights she even keeps me up!

Sleep: Pretty normal this week but I've also been exhausted.
What I miss: Doing anything with ease. I'm finally at the really uncomfortable stage of pregnancy.  Also, having a flat(ish) stomach, I can't wait until I can see my toes again!

Cravings:  Unhealthy food.  My eating habits are going to have to do a 180 after baby is born!

Symptoms: Occasional low back pain and pelvic pressure.  I think my acid reflux problem is finally gone since I haven't taken my nightly Tums lately, ha!
Memorable moment for the week:  Shopping for "the girls" and buying matching outfits.  Yep, I'm going to be that mom!  (Sorry I'm not sorry...)  :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Friday fun!

I had an unexpected day off on Friday since my sitter had to keep her sick kiddos home from school.  That meant that Kinley & I had a whole day to do whatever we wanted!  Normally I have lots of plans on my days off but I decided that we were going to run around town and just have fun without any timeline which is totally not like me!  I usually have every minute scheduled.

First we went to Sprout Fitters to use my coupon.  It's a cute kids boutique and they had plenty of fun spring clothes in stock so I got the girls matching outfits (and so it begins...)
Kinley made herself at home and checked everything out.  She thought she was pretty big stuff walking around the store like a big girl and didn't want to leave when we were done.
Then we went to Target to pick up a few swimsuits that I had been eyeing for summer.  They were sold out online so I was convinced that they would sell out in the store, too!  After I browsed the baby section Kinley saw the baby bath product aisle and really wanted to check out all the bubbles.  I finally got her out of the cart after hearing "walk...walk...walk"  too many times.

How did she get so big and so dang cute - happens in the blink of an eye just like everyone says!
I let little miss independent stroll around the store for a while and it was so nice to just hang out and not have to rush off to do anything else.  After picking up some "must haves" we headed home to enjoy the beautiful weather (60 degrees!)

After trying unsuccessfully to get her down for a nap, I gave in & we decided to go play outside to burn some energy.  How can I force this sweet little face to take a nap?!
My little cheeser.

We started out with her new wagon from Christmas but she really wanted to explore on her own so that was short lived.
After strolling around our yard she noticed that Louis, our neighbor dog, was outside in his cage.  I could not tear her away from their house!

I finally got out my good camera and took some pictures of my sweet pea!
I followed her around our house forever and all she wanted to do was walk and walk and walk...  It was fun watching her though because she hasn't got to explore outside much since she wasn't walking last summer/fall.  I'm really looking forward to spring now!
She got brave and ventured to our other neighbors yard (I can't wait until the grass greens up!)
We had a much needed relaxing day to just hang out and go with the flow, especially considering all of the changes that will be happening very soon!  I'm cherishing these little moments that we have together!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Finishing out February

I don't know about you, but I am SO ready for Spring!  We're already 12 days into March so it's time for a February recap!
Kinley got to try Taste of Thai for the first time - she wasn't a fan so she had a fruit pouch.  This was our go-to place when school got out early so I'm sure Kinley will learn to love it, too!
I had President's Day off work so Kinley & I visited daddy that afternoon.  She loved helping on his computer and picking out our dream boat!
"Pllllleease daddy, I really like this one..."
<Insert puppy dog eyes>
It was snowy one morning so my super amazing sis-in-law came out to get Kinley so I didn't risk falling.  Kinley kept saying "walk, walk" so Sue let her walk to the house like a big girl.  She looks SO big - makes me want to cry!  (I may have let a tear slip as I drove away but seriously, I can't believe I have a toddler!)
We got the new crib & double stroller a few weeks ago and Kinley loved playing in it!  She is really into buckles now but I'll save that for her 18 month post.
Wait, another baby goes in this side??
Molly, one of my best friends from Junior High/High School (maybe Middle school), is expecting her first baby in April but I had to miss her shower because of work.  I dropped off her gift Sunday morning on the way to the office and we had to get a belly pic!
What's really crazy is that two of our other neighborhood friends from back in the day are also expecting girls in the next few months! Who would have ever thought that 4 of us would all be having baby girls within a few months of each other when we were riding bikes years ago!
February wasn't very eventful but I'm pretty sure our calendar will be filling up quickly as April approaches!