Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bump Watch 2013: Week 36

Well we've made it to 36 weeks, only 1 month to go!  I had a doctors appointment on Tuesday and I was so excited to see if there was any progress.  My doctor was in surgery at the hospital so I saw a new doctor and she confirmed that baby girl is head down, I'm 50% effaced, & a little over 1cm dilated!  That's all I was hoping for - a little progress.
I think I was just about the same at 36 weeks with Kinley so maybe that means baby #2 will come a little sooner?!  I won't hold my breath...  BUT the doctor did say "I don't think you'll see your due date" as she breezed out of the room.  I really hope she's right because I am more than ready to meet this baby!  Our house may not be ready but I sure am!
I started getting nervous about labor & delivery this week so I'm planning to open up my binder from our classes that we took less than 2 years ago.  It's amazing how much I feel like I've forgotten.

Kinley turned 18 months old Tuesday morning so I really wanted to get a few pictures of her by herself, too, but this was hard enough to capture.  She thinks she's the new photographer and loves taking pictures on our phones.
And to compare...
Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 36 weeks
Size of baby: 18.5 inches & 6 pounds, the size of a melon.
Total weight gain/loss: 25+ pounds.
Maternity clothes: Love.them. But I'm very excited to buy non-maternity spring & summer clothes!
Gender: It's a GIRL! I think we're getting close on a name!

Movement: There is always a knee, foot, or booty sticking out when she's awake.  Some nights she even keeps me up!

Sleep: Pretty normal this week but I've also been exhausted.
What I miss: Doing anything with ease. I'm finally at the really uncomfortable stage of pregnancy.  Also, having a flat(ish) stomach, I can't wait until I can see my toes again!

Cravings:  Unhealthy food.  My eating habits are going to have to do a 180 after baby is born!

Symptoms: Occasional low back pain and pelvic pressure.  I think my acid reflux problem is finally gone since I haven't taken my nightly Tums lately, ha!
Memorable moment for the week:  Shopping for "the girls" and buying matching outfits.  Yep, I'm going to be that mom!  (Sorry I'm not sorry...)  :)

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