Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Finishing out February

I don't know about you, but I am SO ready for Spring!  We're already 12 days into March so it's time for a February recap!
Kinley got to try Taste of Thai for the first time - she wasn't a fan so she had a fruit pouch.  This was our go-to place when school got out early so I'm sure Kinley will learn to love it, too!
I had President's Day off work so Kinley & I visited daddy that afternoon.  She loved helping on his computer and picking out our dream boat!
"Pllllleease daddy, I really like this one..."
<Insert puppy dog eyes>
It was snowy one morning so my super amazing sis-in-law came out to get Kinley so I didn't risk falling.  Kinley kept saying "walk, walk" so Sue let her walk to the house like a big girl.  She looks SO big - makes me want to cry!  (I may have let a tear slip as I drove away but seriously, I can't believe I have a toddler!)
We got the new crib & double stroller a few weeks ago and Kinley loved playing in it!  She is really into buckles now but I'll save that for her 18 month post.
Wait, another baby goes in this side??
Molly, one of my best friends from Junior High/High School (maybe Middle school), is expecting her first baby in April but I had to miss her shower because of work.  I dropped off her gift Sunday morning on the way to the office and we had to get a belly pic!
What's really crazy is that two of our other neighborhood friends from back in the day are also expecting girls in the next few months! Who would have ever thought that 4 of us would all be having baby girls within a few months of each other when we were riding bikes years ago!
February wasn't very eventful but I'm pretty sure our calendar will be filling up quickly as April approaches!

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