Monday, March 25, 2013

St. Patrick's Day and more

We went to Burger Bar some night during the past few weeks.  There's a little stage area for bands and Kinley loved running around on it.  She was also obsessed with the elephant statue that they have out front.
Good thing they weren't too busy - we were "those parents" who let their kid run around so they could eat.  :)

Enjoying a little Sonic run a few weekend ago.
She loves helping me in the kitchen and thought she was pretty big stuff in these oven mitts.  I thought she looked like our little lobster, ha!
Another random week night - Kinley trying to give (or take) Tiki's bone.

St. Patrick's Day weekend actually turned out to be an extended 4 day weekend since Kinley caught a tummy bug Sunday night. It was really nice to have 4 days off in a row without any real plans!  We started Friday out with a visit to Target and snagged some super cute swimsuits!
I tried one of them on Kinley to make sure it wasn't too small and she loved playing in it.  She even thought it was worth taking a few "selfies" on Scott's phone, ha!
This made me SO excited for summer!

We had a play date with Emily & Mackenzie on Saturday.  Goofy girl coloring before we left and showing off her St. Patty's Day shirt - "I'm all the luck you need."
She decided to take a head dive into the corner of our brick wall which resulted in a nasty cut in her hairline.  It's not the first or last cut but I feel bad every time she gets hurt!
We finally made it to Emily's house after someone decided to fall asleep on the way there and enjoy her morning nap in the car.
It's so much fun to watch her interact with kids her age!  She always takes a little time to warm up but they were sharing toys and running around with the dogs in no time!

We went to Gallina's for pizza to celebrate a friend's birthday on Saturday night.  The kids loved playing with the jukebox but unfortunately Kinley is still way too short to reach so she needed a little boost.
We were up bright and early on St. Patrick's Day to make green pancakes, yum!  We hung around the house most of the day, nothing too exciting to report.
And then it hit...Kinley was super fussy when we put her to bed Sunday night but I didn't think much of it until Scott came in telling me that she had thrown up around 1am.  Poor baby.  I sat up with her until 4:30am when she finally quit getting sick.  Thank the lord for my phone that let me Facebook, blog, and play on Pinterest for a few hours while she dozed off.  After getting a few hours of sleep I decided to take a sick day to have some extra cuddle time with my sickly baby.
She kept wanting to eat my ice so I thought that it was necessary to make a Sonic run to introduce her to the best ice in the world!  Large cup of ice?  Don't mind if we do!
Later we had a popsicle because they make everything better!
Luckily, she was feeling better that night so it was back to the grind on Tuesday.

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