Monday, March 18, 2013

Friday fun!

I had an unexpected day off on Friday since my sitter had to keep her sick kiddos home from school.  That meant that Kinley & I had a whole day to do whatever we wanted!  Normally I have lots of plans on my days off but I decided that we were going to run around town and just have fun without any timeline which is totally not like me!  I usually have every minute scheduled.

First we went to Sprout Fitters to use my coupon.  It's a cute kids boutique and they had plenty of fun spring clothes in stock so I got the girls matching outfits (and so it begins...)
Kinley made herself at home and checked everything out.  She thought she was pretty big stuff walking around the store like a big girl and didn't want to leave when we were done.
Then we went to Target to pick up a few swimsuits that I had been eyeing for summer.  They were sold out online so I was convinced that they would sell out in the store, too!  After I browsed the baby section Kinley saw the baby bath product aisle and really wanted to check out all the bubbles.  I finally got her out of the cart after hearing "walk...walk...walk"  too many times.

How did she get so big and so dang cute - happens in the blink of an eye just like everyone says!
I let little miss independent stroll around the store for a while and it was so nice to just hang out and not have to rush off to do anything else.  After picking up some "must haves" we headed home to enjoy the beautiful weather (60 degrees!)

After trying unsuccessfully to get her down for a nap, I gave in & we decided to go play outside to burn some energy.  How can I force this sweet little face to take a nap?!
My little cheeser.

We started out with her new wagon from Christmas but she really wanted to explore on her own so that was short lived.
After strolling around our yard she noticed that Louis, our neighbor dog, was outside in his cage.  I could not tear her away from their house!

I finally got out my good camera and took some pictures of my sweet pea!
I followed her around our house forever and all she wanted to do was walk and walk and walk...  It was fun watching her though because she hasn't got to explore outside much since she wasn't walking last summer/fall.  I'm really looking forward to spring now!
She got brave and ventured to our other neighbors yard (I can't wait until the grass greens up!)
We had a much needed relaxing day to just hang out and go with the flow, especially considering all of the changes that will be happening very soon!  I'm cherishing these little moments that we have together!

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