Friday, October 31, 2014

Valentine's Day

I'm obsessed with custom holiday outfits so we just had to do a photo shoot of the girls in their Valentine's dresses.
I will never forget how spikey and crazy Laiken's hair was when it started growing!
Our sweet little sassafras.
I bought some heart stickers and what better place to put them than on the windows...
We spent a romantic Valentine's Day evening at home with our 2 valentines.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Never ending winter

We welcomed baby Kaelyn into the world!

Silly goose

Kinley loves gymnastics and Miss Alison!

We took a random road trip with my parents and sister to find a dress for my mom for my brother's wedding.  Laiken thought she was big stuff looking in all the mirrors in the mall.
We made a stop at the Science Center before we went home.  I realized that we probably won't go again for a few more years but we did find a few fun things that were age appropriate for the girls.  Kinley was scared of the dinosaurs!

Nothing like a little golf instruction on a Sunday morning with dad.
Someone has a little sass in them...I'm thinking this was the time that "no" became Laiken's favorite word.
And last but not least, we visited Scott at the boat show in February and loved trying out all the new boats!  Kinley wants a purple one of course!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let it snow...

We did swim class with Jess and Rowen and had a blast!  Both babies loved the water, singing songs, and splashing!
Jess and I learned teamwork when we had to get the babies out of the pool, into the locker room, and get ourselves and the babies dressed without getting everything soaking wet.  It was quite the show.  I'll never forget the walk in and out to the car (usually in the snow and strong biting wind which was terrible).  We made some fun memories though!

Taking it back old school with the playdough barber shop set (Scott's mom dug it out and Kinley loved it).

We met our friends Courtney and Ryan out for dinner and drinks and took the girls.  I always think it's going to be a piece of cake but this night they proved me wrong.

I will aLwAyS have helpers even if they try to break the dishwasher door...

Matt and Julie welcomed Everett so we got to love on a brand new baby.

Not sure why I was obsessed with photos of Kinley's ponytails?  Hahah, this one had major volume!
Lil sis is going to give big sis a run for her money!
I'm a sucker for pj pics, especially matching ones!

Oh what do you know, more snow!  I distinctly remember driving out to the west side to meet Sue for one of the girl's doctors appointments and we both had to turn around and go home because the roads were so terrible.  Spring couldn't come soon enough!
Kinley had her first haircut 2 years 5 months.  It was slightly dramatic at first so I finally had to sit down, put on a cape, give her a sucker and a cake pop, and put Doc McStuffins on Scott's phone.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy New Year!

We can't stop having fun just because it's freezing outside!

La Fiesta one night...

My sweet Laiken Lou
These 2 chicks (cousins) are crazy when they're together!

Watching daddy snow-blow.  We got a TON of snow last winter but it was usually bitterly cold so we barely made it outside.

We finally got around to painting our front living room and had a great helper.

Kinley will always have a little shadow...

Oh ya know, more snow, but this actually doesn't look like much compared to what we got.

Laiken started swimming classes on Saturday mornings January - March.  She loved it!

Funny how a picture can jog your memory - this was a VERY early morning when some sweet sweet baby wouldn't sleep.  She thought she was pretty funny with the remote..

This is what master baths should look like, right?!
Just jumping on her trampoline in her princess heals.
Hello, shadow!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Welcoming winter

More random happenings via my phone from December...

We threw Christie (Scott's sister) a baby shower around Christmas.

Kinley loves gymnastics!  She always impresses me with her focus at 2 years old.

I'm thinking that this was one of Kinley's first ponytails?
Cold winter morning and a super cute top knot!
We finally converted Kinley's crib into a toddler bed after she turned 2.
Sweet sleepy Laiken
Once this girl started crawling, there was no stopping her!
Just another day at Target...I'm guessing this was her first time riding like a big girl in the cart.  (Thank goodness I'm a crazy picture taker on my phone so I can remember these little moments!)
Random night out at Buffalo Wild Wings
A lazy Sunday.  Sheesh, looks like everyone (and every dog) got a nap but me!

Fun painting in the bathtub!

We hosted the New Years party and of course I wanted pictures with my girls!  Apparently only 1 cooperated..
Yay, I've finally almost made it into 2014!  Let's see if I can keep up this blogging streak and actually get caught up!