Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let it snow...

We did swim class with Jess and Rowen and had a blast!  Both babies loved the water, singing songs, and splashing!
Jess and I learned teamwork when we had to get the babies out of the pool, into the locker room, and get ourselves and the babies dressed without getting everything soaking wet.  It was quite the show.  I'll never forget the walk in and out to the car (usually in the snow and strong biting wind which was terrible).  We made some fun memories though!

Taking it back old school with the playdough barber shop set (Scott's mom dug it out and Kinley loved it).

We met our friends Courtney and Ryan out for dinner and drinks and took the girls.  I always think it's going to be a piece of cake but this night they proved me wrong.

I will aLwAyS have helpers even if they try to break the dishwasher door...

Matt and Julie welcomed Everett so we got to love on a brand new baby.

Not sure why I was obsessed with photos of Kinley's ponytails?  Hahah, this one had major volume!
Lil sis is going to give big sis a run for her money!
I'm a sucker for pj pics, especially matching ones!

Oh what do you know, more snow!  I distinctly remember driving out to the west side to meet Sue for one of the girl's doctors appointments and we both had to turn around and go home because the roads were so terrible.  Spring couldn't come soon enough!
Kinley had her first haircut 2 years 5 months.  It was slightly dramatic at first so I finally had to sit down, put on a cape, give her a sucker and a cake pop, and put Doc McStuffins on Scott's phone.  

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