Saturday, October 25, 2014

Christmas Eve & Day

We started our crazy Christmas traditions by going to my in-laws and my Aunt's house for Christmas Eve.  Two of my cousins and I decided to order matching jammies for the girls.

Gah, so sweet!  Except you can tell Laiken had been crying, ha, poor sweetie.

Ava (3), Hadley (5), Presley (1.5), Laiken (8 mos), Kinley (2)
Ok girls, jump on the couch but just for pictures!  ;)
Laiken and Grandpa cheesin' it up!
Me and my girl
Always posing

I got lucky enough to get some pictures after Santa came, before the girls woke up!

I'm sure this was a 5 a.m. wake up call.  Checking out the new toys...
Wow, what is all this?!
Laiken was on the move at Christmas time.  I still can't believe that this was barely a year ago!
Looking SO big sitting at her piano.
Kinley got a trampoline and gymnastics leotard!

We hurried to get dressed and get to Scott's parents house by 8:30/9.  I love having big families but we always have to stick to a schedule.  Kinley helped everyone open gifts (she was finally into it this year!)
Grandma & Grandpa got Kinley a gymnastics mat!!
Laiken Lou liked it, too.
This little stinker is always into something.

After presents and breakfast we made it back to my parent's house by 11 for more presents before family came.
Kinley got a big girl chair!
And so did Laikey!  She thought she was SO big!
Can't get enough of this chubby cheeker!
The almost newlyweds!
Kids table fun
Aunt B & Laiken!

After more food and relaxation at my parent's house we went back to Scott's parents for Christmas dinner and the present game!  This is exhausting just re-typing everything but we had lots of fun and made great memories!

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