Friday, October 24, 2014

December 2013

Continuing on with Christmas 2013 - here are actual camera pictures, woohoo!

Festival of Trees

Apparently I was able to get their coats off to snap some quick pics..
Kinley just wouldn't look at the camera but they're still pretty cute together..

One December afternoon I decided to try to take my own Christmas card pictures.  I practiced on the pups first...
My sweet (sometimes) Buffett & Tiki

These took a lot of effort and these were the best I could get...
Laiken says...timberrr
Now that's sweet
I tried everything to get Kinley to cooperate but this 2 year old wasn't having it..

We attended a good friend's wedding mid-December.  LOVE getting together with my high school girls!!
<and guys>
Never a dull moment with this crowd!

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