Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Quick Update

I've been really trying to make time to update the blog, it's just slow going. I definitely don't want to quit altogether so it just might take a while to get caught up. I'm almost done writing the story of Laiken's "birthday" and it's turning into a novel. Oh well, this blog is for documenting memories & every minute of that day was so special to me. :)

Hopefully once I get that up, I can start doing photo dumps & get caught up!

So what have we been up to?!

We closed on our new house May 1, so lots of moving, unpacking, & settling in. I also went back to work last week & started a new job. Life is crazy but going really well!

The girls have done a lot of swimming & playing:
We're just enjoying life! Hope everyone is having an awesome summer!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Laiken Newborn Photos

We had Laiken's newborn pictures taken when she was 9 days new.  I LOVE how they turned out.  Angie, the photographer that we love, is SO talented!  I swear she's the baby whisperer.  Laiken only woke up 1 time and it was because she had gone 4 hours without eating.  Otherwise, she was an angel baby & perfect little model.

Big sis on the other hand, was not so cooperative.  She wasn't bad but she definitely didn't want to have her pictures taken.  Since Angie works out of her home, Kinley found a few of her daughter's toys (shopping cart, baby stroller, etc) that she wanted to play with instead.  We still ended up with some good ones though. :)

Sweet sisters

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Easter 2013

We had so much fun celebrating Easter with Kinley this year! 
We dyed eggs at my parents house a few days before:
Kinley woke up to a trail of Easter eggs leading to her basket.  Love this sleepy-eyed picture of my baby!
She really liked the treats in the eggs...
Checking out her basket:
After we hunted for a few eggs around our living room, we got ready and went to my parents for lunch.
I was obsessed with this chevron dress forever.  I thought she looked like a festive little Easter egg!  Kinley had to give cousin Ava some lovies:
Grandma bought her a little bonnet and she surprisingly wore it while she hunted for eggs!
This year was really fun because she actually understood the concept of looking for eggs.  We even had to re-hide some when she was done because she wanted more!
Clapping - yeah for Easter!
She had to squat down to see her goodies...
She got lots of sidewalk chalk so we changed clothes to go play!
I meant to get a family picture including my super pregnant self but forgot.  I still love this one of my two lovies!
What a fun Easter with our family of three!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

18 Months Old!

Luckily I wrote this post before Laiken was born but still needed to add pictures and I've finally got that done!  We took Kinley to get her pictures taken the week before Laiken came, thank goodness!  She totally didn't want to be there so we almost left without buying anything but I figured that these show Kinley's personality at this point in her life so we bought a few. :)

Oh, and I should mention that Kinley turned 18 months on March 19...I'm a little behind.

Kinley -

You are officially a year and a half old, my how time flies!  Here's what you've been up to lately:

Words that you use the most:  up, down, yogurt, strawberry, paci, make animal sounds, garbage, walk, and we're still working on grandma (sometimes it sounds like Buga or muga)
You can say the names of your favorite shows - Doc, Jake, Mickey

You point to most of your body parts when asked.

You love being held and carried around but I still do it because I know you won't be the "baby" much longer.
You're getting better at feeding yourself with a spoon and fork.  You love to cook with me and always want to dump ingedients in the bowl and stir which usually results in a mess.

I've always thought you were going to be left handed but lately you've been using your right hand more often.
You've discovered a love for drawing and coloring.  I can give you a notebook/coloring book and a crayon and you will go to town, coloring a little bit on every page.  You also love to use the magna-doodle at g-ma & g-pa's house.  You always want everyone else involved in coloring so we all take turns doodling with you.  My favorite is when you lay on your tummy and cock your head to the side while you color.  I think you look so big!

You're still definitely a mommy's girl which melts my heart but I'm sure it breaks daddy's heart, too.  You two have lots of fun together but when you have a choice, you always want me to hold you.  We're hoping this changes when little sister comes along so you and daddy can be buddies while I'm tending to baby.

You weigh around 22 pounds, wear size 4 diapers, & mostly 18 month clothes.  You have 12 teeth (front 8 & 4 molars) but 2 more bottom teeth look like they'll be here soon!

We can't wait to see what the next few months bring!  We love you!