Sunday, March 29, 2015

Laiken - 18 months old!

Laiken -
You turned 18 months on October 9th (daddy's birthday!).  I cannot believe how quick your first year and a half has flown by and I know it will only get faster.  You have brought SO much joy, laughter and craziness to our family and I can't imagine our lives without you.
Your vocabulary exploded since your 1st birthday and you talk/babble our ears off most of the day.  You already know your ABCs and count to 10 with a little help - I'm amazed!  I'm sure it's because you adore your big sis and want to be just like her.  You can be so sweet together but fight equally as much, ha!  But that's life with a sister! 
Your likes include:
Swimming - you became a little fishy this summer and loved the pool
Eating - all day, every day!  You aren't very picky and will usually try most of what I give you.  You love mac n cheese and chicken fingers like most kids but you also love most fruit and broccoli and carrots with ranch.  Sometimes I can even get you to eat salad!
Bath time - This might be your favorite time of day
Sleep - You tell us whenever you're tired and don't put up much of a fight for naps or bed time (usually 8pm)
Mommy (and daddy) - You are following after your sister and you're a mama's girl.  I think you would ride on my hip all day if I let you.  I love it but it definitely gets exhausting!
Your dislikes include:
The word NO - you're usually pretty well behaved but when you hear that word, all bets are off!  You throw a pretty mean fit, yikes!
Sleeping in - We get a wake up call between 5:30 and 6am every morning...yaawnn...
This was at a high school soccer game last fall.  This picture makes my heart skip a beat - such a sweet look at your daddy. We love you SO much sweet and sassy Laikey Lou!

Valentine's Day 2015

I can't resist a good Hallmark holiday so I ran to Target and picked up some fun stuff at the dollar spot for Valentine's day.  The girls get so excited at this age so I'm soaking it up!
Free-hand heart pancakes, not too bad if I do say so myself. ;)
I'm also a sucker for personalized monogrammed holiday outfits.  Loved these dresses!
I'm also a sap so here's the last 4 years of Valentine's Day starting with our birth announcement for Kinley.

February Fun!

February brought (surprise!) more snow!  We were definitely starting to get stir crazy.  One early morning Laiken had fun watching the snow plow drive by.
Later we made cake mix muddy buddies to take to the super bowl party at the Jeffers, yum!
Wednesday nights are gymnastics nights!
Great balance on the beam.
I'm amazed at some of the things they have the little girls doing on the bars but Kinley is always up for anything!
We had a 60 degree day at the end of February so we took advantage and went out for a bike ride.
Can't forget the cutie in the wagon!
This one loves to snuggle and I couldn't resist getting a quick pic in our matching leopard.
Scott sent me this text when I was out running errands one Sunday morning.  What a princess! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kinley Catch Up

Here's a quick update on what Kinley is up to these days...

She LOVES gymnastics!  She had been in the toddler gym class since she started at 23 months and a spot finally came open in February so she was able to move up into the kinder-gym class.  This meant that she went out all by herself so I was nervous nelly that evening!  I talked about everything she would do by herself and how she would have to listen to her coach and try her very best.  Well without any hesitation she marched right out and sat on her carpet square and looked back and gave me a huge grin!  They do a circuit at the beginning and move to the beam and bars.  She also loves bounce house week and going to the big gym to do trampoline and jump in the pit.  I don't think she has a favorite yet and she does really well with everything!

Not only does she love gymnastics but she also loves to sing and dance at home.  "Let It Go" from Frozen is her favorite song to perform.  She also loves to sing songs from other Disney princesses.  She is in major princess mode right now and loves all princesses and many Disney Junior characters.  I swear her imagination grows by the day and it is so fun to watch her pretend!

She also loves doing things like her big cousins (including taking selfies). haha!  I found 66 Kinley selfies one Monday morning at work and I died laughing!  

You never know what will come out of her mouth (like any 3 year old).  Some of her favorite phrases include:  

That's horribler! (horrible)
Awww thanks mom, you're the best!
That's impossible! (not usually used in the right context so it's funny)

She is in major lovey mode right now - her toys, me, the dogs, etc all get big hugs and sweet sayings.

She also learned this new trick! hahah

We went to pre-school open house in January and signed Kinley up for her first year of pre-school this fall.  She clung to my leg at open house and Laiken ran to the toys with Presley - I'm sure Laiken would go tomorrow if we let her!  Hopefully Kinley will warm up quick but I'm guessing it will be an adjustment.  I can't wait to see what she learns and how she grows next year!

Quick stats:  30 pounds, size 3T clothes (but will throw on an 18 month dress randomly!), and size 7 shoe.  We finally stopped using our paci on January 1st and she had no issues (I couldn't believe it but am thankful that it was pretty painless).  Has become a more picky eater but loves broccoli & carrots with ranch, Raisin Bran, strawberries, bananas, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets and other basic toddler food.

Kinley is slowly coming out of her shell around people that we don't see regularly and I think she will only get better.  I was super shy when I was young so I don't push the issue too much. I actually got asked at gymnastics if she ever acts up at home...ummm ha, of course!  Angel in public and whiny-butt at home (but what toddler isn't whiny).  She definitely knows how to push our buttons and throw some major fits but her sweet, loving side more than makes up for it (usually). Ha!

Just January

Just passing the time on a cold, lazy Saturday morning in January.  We didn't have too much going on this month so it was nice to relax after the holiday rush.

My Grandma passed away on January 8th so we had a rough week.  We know she's in a better place but it still breaks your heart.  We had her services/celebration of life on her birthday - January 17th.  I'm thankful that we had the girls there to keep us smiling as I'm sure that's what she would have wanted.
We were able to reflect on the great times we had with Grandma growing up and catch up with family. The girls were surprising well behaved.

We spent some time at my parents' house - the girls fell asleep on the floor and Kinley rolled over and cuddled right up with Laiken.  Awwww..

My brother Andy and his wife Alicia got a new puppy named Ella to keep Lilly company.  The girls loved seeing her!

The girls had been sleeping relatively well but this Sunday morning they were both up at 5:30 so we were at Walmart by 8:00.  Early bird special!  The girls love "helping" with anything and everything!

We had an adult night to celebrate Julie's birthday!  We had dinner at Pao (our go to spot) and drinks after.  It was a fun night catching up with our best friends without little voices chiming in.
The guys obviously got them memo to dress alike - Reg & Scott chose gingham/check print.
Matt and Nick went with the more rugged plaid.  I thought this was hilarious so of course I had to document!
Julie & Jill looking gorgeous as always!  (They got the black memo)
And Ashley & I went with neutrals!

Another day, another swimsuit in the dead of winter...but we made hot chocolate so that makes it ok...right?!

We did some family errands on the last Saturday and stopped at Firehouse Subs for lunch.  Maybe it's kind of random but I love their food!  Laiken always gets the hot ham & cheese and Kinley likes the meatball.  They have lots of options under 500 cals that are SO good!
The many faces of Laiken
I feel like January is a pretty "boring" month in terms of weekend plans but a little slow down is always nice.

Friday, January 30, 2015

#FlashbackFriday: Happy 1st Birthday, Laiken!

We had Laiken's 1st birthday pictures taken on the beach when we were in Sanibel.  I hope this girl know how's spoiled she is already!

We decorated and wrapped a few gifts for her actual birthday on April 9th.

My parents came over for a quick birthday celebration that night since we were having her party the following weekend.  She LOVED her cake!
My brother came over to help put together the new pirate ship playhouse!  Scott loves when I buy things with a bunch of parts.  ;)
The girls just played in the box!

We threw a party on April 12th with our closest friends and family to celebrate! 

I made this banner with each of Laiken's monthly pictures during her first year.
A little decor before guests arrived...
I think this was the first time in my life that I was ready for a party and not throwing things together as guests arrived.
Food and dessert table on the patio

I ordered this custom birthday sign from Etsy.  It was cute party decor and I love that I can keep it for her 1st year stats!

Her outfit was another Etsy purchase - I loved all the bows & feathers and Scott thought she belonged it Vegas...dads just don't get it! ; )
Cheeeesee ... serious.
Laiken wasn't walking yet but she took her first steps days after her 1st birthday.  She thought she was pretty big stuff walking with daddy!
Kinley swinging - <3 those pigtails!
Hadley & Presley playing in the pirate ship - Laiken's big present from us.
Kylie helping Laikers walk again..

Laiken proving that she's a big kid, too!
Sweet baby Everett!

Present time!
Laiken wasn't very into opening presents so Kinley and I helped.
Laiken was spoiled rotten of course...swimsuits, a roller coaster ride, books, toys, toys, toys!
Ready for summer with her sunnies!
Buffett had to get in on the action and get a little attention, too.

Aunt Christie, Uncle Chris, & our favorite "baby Kaelyn!"

The big kids testing out the new roller coaster!

Time for cupcakes!
Hhmmm...what song are you singing...
Nom, nom, nom..
This one loves her food!
How old is Laiken?!?  "So big" she says!  haha
Big sis loves her cuppycakes, too!
Notice the difference between Kinley and Laiken's eating styles.  I love that they are totally different!

Laiken -

You are such a funny baby and always keep us on our toes.  If we turn our back for more than a minute, I can guaruntee that you've found something to get into whether it be Kinley's toys, a random cabinet or even dog food!  You are such a ham and always keep us laughing with your funny faces which I refer to as "the many faces of Laiken."  You definitely favor your daddy (look-wise) and have his outgoing personality.

1 year stats:

23 pounds & 29 inches tall
You have 8 teeth
You love most foods especially bananas, strawberries, mac n cheese, ham, and anything sweet
You adore your big sis and are very interested in your puppies
You love playing peek-a-boo, your Sophie giraffe, playing instruments, and looking at books
You took swim lessons this year and loved the pool in Sanibel
You are a pretty easy going baby but when you get mad, watch out!
You wave bye-bye and blow kisses
Your big smile and scrunched up nose can light up a room!
Happy Birthday, Laiken Lou!  We love you SO much!