Sunday, March 29, 2015

Laiken - 18 months old!

Laiken -
You turned 18 months on October 9th (daddy's birthday!).  I cannot believe how quick your first year and a half has flown by and I know it will only get faster.  You have brought SO much joy, laughter and craziness to our family and I can't imagine our lives without you.
Your vocabulary exploded since your 1st birthday and you talk/babble our ears off most of the day.  You already know your ABCs and count to 10 with a little help - I'm amazed!  I'm sure it's because you adore your big sis and want to be just like her.  You can be so sweet together but fight equally as much, ha!  But that's life with a sister! 
Your likes include:
Swimming - you became a little fishy this summer and loved the pool
Eating - all day, every day!  You aren't very picky and will usually try most of what I give you.  You love mac n cheese and chicken fingers like most kids but you also love most fruit and broccoli and carrots with ranch.  Sometimes I can even get you to eat salad!
Bath time - This might be your favorite time of day
Sleep - You tell us whenever you're tired and don't put up much of a fight for naps or bed time (usually 8pm)
Mommy (and daddy) - You are following after your sister and you're a mama's girl.  I think you would ride on my hip all day if I let you.  I love it but it definitely gets exhausting!
Your dislikes include:
The word NO - you're usually pretty well behaved but when you hear that word, all bets are off!  You throw a pretty mean fit, yikes!
Sleeping in - We get a wake up call between 5:30 and 6am every morning...yaawnn...
This was at a high school soccer game last fall.  This picture makes my heart skip a beat - such a sweet look at your daddy. We love you SO much sweet and sassy Laikey Lou!

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