Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kinley Catch Up

Here's a quick update on what Kinley is up to these days...

She LOVES gymnastics!  She had been in the toddler gym class since she started at 23 months and a spot finally came open in February so she was able to move up into the kinder-gym class.  This meant that she went out all by herself so I was nervous nelly that evening!  I talked about everything she would do by herself and how she would have to listen to her coach and try her very best.  Well without any hesitation she marched right out and sat on her carpet square and looked back and gave me a huge grin!  They do a circuit at the beginning and move to the beam and bars.  She also loves bounce house week and going to the big gym to do trampoline and jump in the pit.  I don't think she has a favorite yet and she does really well with everything!

Not only does she love gymnastics but she also loves to sing and dance at home.  "Let It Go" from Frozen is her favorite song to perform.  She also loves to sing songs from other Disney princesses.  She is in major princess mode right now and loves all princesses and many Disney Junior characters.  I swear her imagination grows by the day and it is so fun to watch her pretend!

She also loves doing things like her big cousins (including taking selfies). haha!  I found 66 Kinley selfies one Monday morning at work and I died laughing!  

You never know what will come out of her mouth (like any 3 year old).  Some of her favorite phrases include:  

That's horribler! (horrible)
Awww thanks mom, you're the best!
That's impossible! (not usually used in the right context so it's funny)

She is in major lovey mode right now - her toys, me, the dogs, etc all get big hugs and sweet sayings.

She also learned this new trick! hahah

We went to pre-school open house in January and signed Kinley up for her first year of pre-school this fall.  She clung to my leg at open house and Laiken ran to the toys with Presley - I'm sure Laiken would go tomorrow if we let her!  Hopefully Kinley will warm up quick but I'm guessing it will be an adjustment.  I can't wait to see what she learns and how she grows next year!

Quick stats:  30 pounds, size 3T clothes (but will throw on an 18 month dress randomly!), and size 7 shoe.  We finally stopped using our paci on January 1st and she had no issues (I couldn't believe it but am thankful that it was pretty painless).  Has become a more picky eater but loves broccoli & carrots with ranch, Raisin Bran, strawberries, bananas, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets and other basic toddler food.

Kinley is slowly coming out of her shell around people that we don't see regularly and I think she will only get better.  I was super shy when I was young so I don't push the issue too much. I actually got asked at gymnastics if she ever acts up at home...ummm ha, of course!  Angel in public and whiny-butt at home (but what toddler isn't whiny).  She definitely knows how to push our buttons and throw some major fits but her sweet, loving side more than makes up for it (usually). Ha!

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