Monday, August 27, 2012

Grandpa's 86th Birthday

We went up to Rock Island to celebrate Grandpa's 86th birthday at the end of July and Aunt Lisa & Uncle Dan hosted a nice cookout for everyone.
 This is Kinley's "pre-cry" face, but it looks like grandpa was getting a kick out of it, ha!
 I love these 2 pics of my sweet babydoll.
 Lisa bought this awesome baby accessory that's made out of fabric and a pool innertube.  Kinley was a little too big for it but it would be awesome for a little baby to help sit up and stay contained.  Do I have any volunteers who know how to sew to make me one for other babies?!
Eric, Amanda, & Evan arrived and Kinley loved looking at baby Evan!
 2 serious babies.
 They also had some great 'vintage' (from my youth) toys for Kinley to enjoy.  I think she definitely needs some instruments for her upcoming birthday!
Here's our best attempt at a baby photo:  Kinley, Jake, & Evan.
 And here's a fun outtake:
Look at these handsome boys!
 I figured out how to use the self-timer on my camera so we finally got an updated family picture (minus a few families).
Gathering to sing happy birthday to grandpa.
 Ashley & Tyler helping to blow out his candles.
Our little musician playing the xylaphone.
Present time!
Even though I always feel like there's not enough time to catch up, we still really enjoy making the trip up North to get together with our family.

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