Tuesday, August 7, 2012

10 Months Old!

Kinley -

A few weeks ago you turned 10 months old!  We've been quite busy during the last month so I'll try to do the best I can for a recap.

You still only have 2 teeth but those top ones have been ready to pop through all month!  Your little grin cracks me up, the way you crinkle your nose and open your mouth.
Your monthly pictures have become nearly impossible because you're on the move...all the time!  That also explains the awful quality pictures from my phone...oh well.
Here you are playing peekaboo in your crib - you love that game!  You also still love clapping, waving, & dancing but have added a new trick - giving lovies.  Lovies are basically just hugs but you are so good at giving them to us and your stuffed animals.  Talk about melt my heart!
<No I will not pose for a picture, mom...ok fine I'll look>

You're still a pretty good eater and try most of the things we offer.  You LOVE eating cheerios for breakfast while daddy makes your bottles and pasta at dinner time while I cook.  You still love hummus, guacamole, and peaches and act like you might die if we don't give you some!
You are pulling up on everything and could care less about toys most of the time.  You would much rather be exploring the ground or throwing things off the coffee table or tv stand...stinker!  Did I mention electrical outlets??  Aunt Sue & I can hardly keep you away, but luckily they're covered.
You've really started to jabber a lot!  Sometimes you sound like you're trying to say words and other times you just yell, but in an excited way.  You are loud! :) Lately you have been saying mama, dada, bubu (Buffett or bottle), & muuh muuh (more?).
You added a new state to your list this month when we went to Texas for Jake & Kaylen's wedding.  You were such a good girl during the drive and surprised us all!
I can't forget to mention that you're now a crawling machine!!  It seems like after we got home from Texas you took off.  No more sitting around playing with toys for you!
You're in 12 month clothes and a few 18 month outfits.  You wear size 3 diapers and I'm guessing you weigh around 20 pounds.
I can't believe we're so close to your 1st birthday, it seems unreal!  It's funny because most of your other "birthdays" have made me sad but lately I've been so happy and excited to watch you grow and learn new things everyday!
We love you, monkey, KK, Kinleybear, peanut! :) 

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