Thursday, July 26, 2012

Babes of Summer

I thought I'd never do this but after a little persausion from a few people, I entered Kinley into the "Babes of Summer" - cute baby contest.

Initially, I didn't care if she won but knew that I could buy a couple pictures if nothing else.

Well...we went last Saturday & waited for an hour and a half to have her picture taken and then when I went to buy "a few" pictures, the price was insane!  (but of course I bought them).

Anyway, now that we've invested some time & money, we want to win!  :)

We would LOVE it if you could give her a few votes.  Here's the link (she's #14):
Voting is unlimited so just reload the page & vote as many times as you'd like until next Friday, August 3.

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