Friday, July 20, 2012

4th of July

Scott worked on the actual 4th of July so Kinley & I went to my parents house that morning to relax and enjoy the AC. Sue warned me that the pool was packed, people were fighting over chairs, and it was ridiculously hot.  Have I mentioned that it's been almost 100 hot/humid degrees all month?  I'm all for a hot summer but this is crazy!  Anyway, after a good nap, we made it to the pool!

Here's Kinley with her welcoming committee.
Kinley & Kylie
Kinley & Delaney
The Tucker girls
Kinley & I played in the baby pool to keep cool.
Little one was ready for a nap...
What a sweet little napper:
We swam the rest of the day and enjoyed dinner at the club. 
BUT the celebration couldn't end that soon so we went back to the house and played in the lake until the sun went down.

Cutest guys I know:
 Always stunting..
After celebrating the 4th of July for a week straight, we all decided that we were too exhausted to stay up for the fireworks and called it a night!
Happy Birthday, America!

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