Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jake & Kaylen's Wedding

We arrived in New Braunfels, TX on Friday afternoon, checked in, and got ready for dinner/the after dinner cocktail party for Jake & Kaylen.
We ate at the Gristmill Restaurant in Gruene, TX - a cute little town in the area.  We sat out back which was unexpectedly pleasant compared to the HOT temps we've been used to.
This little peanut was exhausted after traveling all day so she snoozed in the car and at dinner.
The Jeffers Fam
Laura & Beth

After dinner, we moved onto Dry Comal Winery for the cocktail party.
(I love the decorations - white lights, burlap, and succulents!)

We had a really relaxing night, catching up with family and sipping frozen sangria.
Kinley was ready to party after the good nap she took!
She wanted to dance like the big girls so I set her down & she shook her little booty!  If this is a peak into her future, I'm sure we'll have a little dancer...I can dream, right?  :)
Wedding day:
We had a little cousin bonding time on Saturday morning.  Presley & Kinley really liked playing and giving hugs!  I also learned that I need to teach Kinley not to grab or pat other baby's heads, lol.

Then we decided to hang out at the pool and get a little sun that morning.  The pool at the hotel was awesome and had a zero entry feature that was like walking in from a beach (minus the sand).  This is now on my "dream home" list. 

This little fishy got tired of swimming and took a good nap in the stroller.
 Our family basically overtook the pool.  We tend to overtake anything wherever we go!

Here we are all pretty, waiting for the shuttle to take us to the wedding.  Check out my big girls shoes - love them!
The winery was beautiful and the ceremony was really sweet.  Jake & Kaylen lucked out and a big storm missed us so they still got to have the perfect wedding outside.  Did I mention that an outdoor wedding in South Texas is HOT?!  Well, it was, so Kinley was our designated fan girl.  :)

After the ceremony we took the opportunity to get a family picture and then sprinted walked inside for the reception.
Scott was really missing his girls so we had to take a photo to send to daddy.

The decor for the reception was awesome.  Kaylen didn't forget one detail - I just love weddings like that!  These pictures are huge but I wanted everyone to be able to see the cute details of their day...

We had to get a picture of the newest "grands" in the family - all girls!
Ava, Kinley, Presley, & Cheyenne

The Jeffers table!

A few more photos before dinner...  I have to add that someone told my brother that Kinley's eyes matched "daddy's shirt," ha!  He just rolled with it and laughed.
My grandma and her 7 kids.  I love when we can all get together!

Kinley is waving goodbye because she's in her pj's, ready for bed!  She did so good and stayed up for quite a while before falling asleep in her stroller.  We even had to take the early shuttle at 10:30, talk about feeling old!  ;)

I'm sure this isn't surprising but there were plenty of cowboys at the wedding and boy could they move!  They boot-scooted their women across the dance floor all night and I was SO jealous!  Not that my man can't  Craig & Laura were trying to learn how to "2 step" but Craig was looking a little robotic so a bridesmaid decided to help him out (top left).  Too cute!
We had SO much fun dancing with our family and trying to learn to dance like the Texans!  Towards the end of the evening they put on some Miley and J-Bieber so we had to show off our dancing skills then. ;)
In our family, a wedding never ends at the reception so we went back to the hotel and put the babies (and grandpas) to sleep and continued to party in the lobby.  We don't get these moments too often so when we do, we make the most of it! 

What a FUN day!!

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