Thursday, July 19, 2012

"3rd of July" Fun!

**Warning - I take too many pictures so this will be long**
I took off work on Tuesday for a pool & boat day since family was in town & Scott was off work.
Kinley stayed with Grandma Weezie while we boated & soaked up the scorching hot sun!  The kids tubed and skied and we enjoyed a few cold beverages.

Some awesome action shots of Aidan & Brayden:
Rian & Maille skiing:
Kylie getting up on ski's for the first time!!
More action shots of Rian & Delaney:
Uncle Scott definitely didn't go easy on Kylie & Rian either:
Around 2:00 we swung by the Tuckers to pick up Kinley and take her to the pool with us.  Ann said she had already been napping for almost 2 hours which is unheard of with our non-sleeper.  I went back to the bedroom and she was still passed out.  Normally she wakes up when she hears anything but I was rubbing her back and talking to her without any success.

I'm pretty sure babies just know when you want them to sleep and when you don't and they do the opposite.  I finally had to get her out of bed and she still didn't fully wake up until after our boat ride to the pool, ha!
We ate a quick lunch at the snack bar and hit the baby pool.
Have I mentioned that Kinley loves the water?
The big kids in the big pool:
And back to the baby pool to play with K:
She has the best cousins ever!
We enjoyed a little more boating before we headed back to the house for a cook out. 
We had one of my favorite summer meals - grilled chicken, asparagus, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, and peaches. Insanely good, healthy, & so fresh!

After dinner, we wrapped up the night with a little swimming, fishing, & playing ball in the lake.

What a fun day & night!!

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