Thursday, August 30, 2012

11 Months Old!

Kinley -
I know time flies with kids but I never would have guessed that it would have gone this fast!  It just doesn't seem possible that you're almost 1 year old.
I can't get you to sit and look at me for your pictures...
You were a crawling machine this month and into everything!  You love pulling up on tables, tv stands, couches, just about anything that's low enough for you to reach.  You're so interested in pushing buttons and turning knobs, a very detail oriented little monkey. 
You seem to be closer to walking but you just don't act that interested.  You'll hold our hands and walk but after a while you lunge forward and crawl away because you're much faster that way.  You walk around the coffee table and hold onto things with one hand and think you're big stuff.
You're obviously too big to just sit and smile:
Your sleep keeps improving and you sleep through the night from 8pm-6am for the most part.  You still have your occasional 5am wake up but we can usually get you to go back down for a while.
Your naps are all over the board.  Sometimes a morning nap, sometimes an afternoon, and other times just some snoozes in the car.  You definitely take the best naps if we're holding you...spoiled...but it melts my heart!
You babble all the time and still do your fake laugh and cough, it's hilarious!  We also get some major belly laughs out of you when we play peekaboo and sometimes you just crack yourself up!
You're still pretty shy around new people and take some time to warm up.  I'm not sure if this picture is your shy pose or if you're doing your newest trick - holding the phone up to your ear (b/c I was taking pictures with my phone).  You love "talking" on the phone!
You're new favorite song is the itsy-bitsy spider.  You are really good at mimicking our hand motions and love when we sing it over and over!
You're also such a little lover.  You give your babies lovies and have started giving them big drooly kisses, too!  Mommy & daddy just can't seem to get kisses yet, only hugs.
Here's lil mama, lovin' on her babydoll.  You have such a tender heart (but there's also a little temper in there, too). :)
Smooches for babydoll!
You're still an awesome eater and haven't refused to eat much of what we offer.  You love cheerios and a few new favorites include spaghetti, mandarin oranges, and waffles.  You would definitely eat fruit for every meal if you could - maybe that's mommy's sweet tooth?
Luckily, we haven't been to the doctor since your 9 month appointment so I don't have height or weight but I'm imagining just over 20 pounds and short, ha!  You still wear 9-12 and 12 month clothes and we've added in a few 18 month outfits with room to grow.  You wear size 3 diapers but have worn 4's, too, so we're almost ready to transition.

And I almost forgot to add that you have 6 teeth!  You have 2 on the bottom & all 4 on top are poking through.  We think you will look so different once your teeth actually come in all the way & I'm excited to see!
Your little personality gets cuter by the day with all of your squeals, grunts, giggles, and babbles!  You are such a blessing in our life and we can't wait to celebrate your 1st birthday with you in a few short weeks!
We love you SO much!!

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