Thursday, September 6, 2012

End of Summer iPhone Photos

I don't know why I'm so bad at posting my phone pictures (where I take most of my photos).  Wouldn't it be so much easier to do this at the beginning or end of a week instead of doing a huge recap??  YES!  We'll see if I ever get better.
Anyway, here's our end of summer wrap up!
Sweet pea cheesin' in her crib.
She learned to work the stereo this summer and it's a favorite "toy."

Mini photo shoot with mommy.  Love that serious face!
Playing in the laundry basket at Aunt Sue's house!
Waiting to get her picture taken for the babes of summer contest.  She was such a trooper during out 2 hour wait!

Eating fresh peaches from the farmer's market, our fave!

Playing on the tv stand again...

She sure loves her cousins!

Eating again (surprise, surprise) ;)
Mmmmm, spaghetti!

Scott sold his "1st baby" towards the end of the summer, but we had to get baby girl on for a photo-op!

Finally able to wear her kicks that santa brought for Christmas!  Those little feet just don't want to grow.

And she's off!

more crawling and oooh those baby blues...

5:00 am fussy babies get to sleep with mom & dad sometimes

Her hair is getting so long!

Tackling the stairs

Cousin picture at Gallina's pizza!

Shelton's end of summer party.  She had to sport her red, white & blue one more time.

Sharing her toys with Clayton (her future b/f, ha!)

She loves crawling up the stairs and hanging out on the railing...silly girl!

Waiting for daddy to get home from work...
"It's ok Bubby, he'll be home soon."

Interested in everything - watching mom update the blog...
"Helping" me update the blog
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