Monday, July 22, 2013

April 2013

I can hardly remember our first month home.  We were living at our old house and just buying our current one, life was a little crazy.  Besides packing boxes throughout the day, I was loving on this new little bundle of joy!

Sleepy birdy...

Fun comparison of the 2 girls - can you guess which is which?!
Kinley                        Laiken

I kept Kinley home a few times throughout the week so we could bond and have fun welcoming her new sister.
She was pretty infatuated with her and then didn't care much at all other times.

Laiken saying her prayers.
Fresh from the tub:

On the way to Laiken's first doctor's appointment!  She was SO well behaved.

She loved hanging on her changing table just like big sis did when she was a baby.

We introduced Laiken to our favorite store when she was 1 week old!  I thank God for the women in my life that help me out so I stay sane!  :)

Kinley obviously still loves Target, too!

Another fresh out of the bath photo - before her newborn pictures.

Kinley wanted to play toys instead of pose for pictures with her little sis...welcome to toddler life.

My little milk-drunk birdy and her first smile caught on camera!

We spent a lot of time hanging in her boppy pillow between naps and feedings. Laiken was such a chill baby!  I think she looks like a little teddy bear here...

She's also a thinker..

We hung out in bed a lot when Scott was leaving for work and I got some great shots of Kinley loving on Laiken.
We watched a lot of Doc and Mickey Mouse and shared lots of smiles and lovies.
I SO miss these precious moments that I had with my babies now that Laiken is already getting bigger.

My baby feeding my baby. Melt.My.Heart.  
And don't even get me started on that Pebbles ponytail!  Kinley has already grown so much since then!!
These were obviously her first days wearing a ponytail in her hair. :)
She became a pro at taking care of her babydoll.

Another cuddly teddy bear picture...

Laiken loves sleeping in the Rock N Play just like Kinley did.

One day I looked in my back seat and thought, "is this for real?!"  My, how life has changed in less than 2 years...

Jess & Rowan came to visit one night and we had to get these future lake kids' first picture together!  Wait until you see this little man now!
We had a really busy first month but I made sure to slow down and take time to take in the little moments with my new baby just like I did with Kinley.  Before I had Laiken I wondered how on earth would I make time for both babies.  They were going to be so young that they both would still need a ton of attention!  They do both require a lot of my attention but surprisingly, I feel like I'm balancing it pretty well.

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