Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Laiken: 1 month old!

Laiken -

You turned 1 month old on May 9, just a few days shy of my 29th birthday!  I really enjoyed spending my days with you.  Life was so busy when it was just me & Kinley but since Kinley is going to Aunt Sue's during the day, we get lots of time to bond & I'm eating it up!  It's nice to have some time to relax with you.
We've already made a few trips to Walmart, Lowe's & Target so you're a little pro by now.  It definitely helps that you sleep most of the day away!  You're a great napper during the day & I've had to wake you up to eat most of the time.  Nights are hit & miss but you're doing ok.  You slept through the night (6 hours) for the first time during week 3.  Now you do that every so often & we love it!

You're starting to smile at us and it just melts our hearts!  We've spent this month getting to know your sweet personality.  You are so laid back and chill, not much bothers you, thank goodness!  You're content in your swing, on your play mat, or being held.  You just don't like your car seat much yet but I'm pretty sure that's normal.
We also moved to a new house when you were 3 weeks old, talk about a major change!  You've done great and we've settled in really well.  You were a trooper when we would go to the old house & get everything packed up.  We have been super busy but I've made sure to make time for you!

At your 1 month appointment you weighed just over 9 pounds & were 22 inches long.  You were so well behaved for your doctor and just watched everything around you.  Life isn't quite as crazy as I thought it would be with 2 babies but it definitely has it's moments!  Luckily, you are so laid back that you help me relax, too.

We love you SO SO SO much, Laiken!

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