Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Welcome home Laiken Grace!

Here are a few more from my phone from the first & second day in the hospital.
Like an old pro...
Swirly dark hair!
Another grandpa's girl.

Unfortunately, we had to stay 2 nights in the hospital since my water had been leaking and they wanted to watch for infection.  We had a few visitors the night before and got one last night of rest before we were on our own.
 After what seemed like a week, we were finally released! Getting Laiken dressed & ready to go.
We had to remind a nurse or 2 that Laiken (dressed in pink) was a girl, lol.  She had a turquoise ribbon which might have thrown people off??? 
 Get me outta here!
I took a few random pictures like I did with Kinley to remember the day.  From what I remember, my tunic & leggings was definitely not warm enough on that brisk April morning.
We should probably buy stock in Starbucks with 2 kids under 2 years old...

 When we got home we introduced the dogs & they welcomed Laiken just like Kinley.  Very interested...

 My parents brought Kinley over and she was so excited to see her baby!  Looking back, I think it's so crazy that everyone is wearing fleece coats in April.  It was unseasonably cold until June this year.
 I wish this picture would have come out better but I love the way I'm looking at my first baby girl.
 Big sis reminding Laiken who she is.

 Some family came to hang out and visit that night, too.  Here's Delaney meeting her newest cousin.
 Kinley loved the balloons that we got at the hospital!
 Cousin Kylie & Laiken!
 This picture cracks me up...you can tell Brayden is telling Kinley, "be careful, watch out for Laiken!"  What a good protective cousin.
 The boy cousins are now outnumbered 5 to 3, sorry B!
I'm just realizing that I don't have pictures with half of the family so I'll have to steal those from them!  Anyway...

It was so nice to get home and sleep in our own bed.  From what I remember, the first night was pretty uneventful, thank goodness.  Just up every few hours to feed Laiken.

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