Sunday, January 4, 2015

Celebrating the Holidays 2014

We kicked off Thanksgiving weekend with a get together at our house with high school friends.  We had such a fun time catching up & watching the kids play - 9 kids all between 18 & 20 months (except Kinley), so fun (and crazy)!

We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at Clayvillle with the extended Tucker clan.  Lots of gorgeous girls in this family.

We went to the Festival of Trees that weekend & the girls loved it!  Train ride first...
Santa success!!  Our first picture with no tears!  I was so proud!
Then we went to lunch at Public House 29 & Kinley got a belated birthday present for the O'Connors.  She already has a "kin-tar" (guitar) so she was super pumped!

I hosted thanksgiving dinner with my family that evening.
We ended the night with some beauty parlor...

We continued our Christmas traditions by picking out our tree from the Apple Bar the next day.  Kinley got sick that morning but I thought she was on the mend.  Apparently not - tears at the Apple Barn & puke on the car ride home, yuck!

Laiken also got hit with sickness & ended up having a double ear infection, poor girl.

Random trip to La Fiesta with these sweet girls.

Brayden after his indoor game!

Our elf, Snowflake, came after thanksgiving and brought the girls a Hello Kitty gingerbread house one day.  They loved it!
And she also did snow angels in the powdered sugar!

My mom & Cora came over for a huge day of cookie baking & candy making.  Kinley was an Oreo thief...

The Friday before Christmas we put on the girls Christmas PJ's and went to Chatham park to drive through the Festival of Lights.  Laiken fell asleep on the way but Kinley loved it!
Silly girl in daddy's Blackhawks hat...

Gorgeous sunset the night before Christmas Eve at Scott's parents house.

We went to my aunt & uncle's house at 4:00 on Christmas Eve and my cousin Ashley made a craft area for the girls, bought them aprons & had sugar cookies for them to ice.  They had a blast! 
Our last stop before Santa came was my sister-in-laws.  We love our cousins!
I guess the girls were good this year..

Kinley was so fun to watch!  She said that every present was all she ever wanted & hugged them! Ha!  She was just so thrilled & thanked us (and Santa) for  (Along with lots of sweet hugs - melt my heart).  Laiken was also impressed & loved her dolly & car ramp toy.  Kinley's only major requests were Snow Glow Elsa (from Frozen) and roller skates.  The roller skate idea made me laugh but she was set on it.  She's already been (slowly) cruising around the house and becoming a pro!
Can't forget our first "babies."
Christmas Eve and Christmas day is always back and forth between families  but I'm thankful that it's only around town and not hours away.  The girls usually catch a few Zzz's in between.

We ended our night at Scott's parents house for dinner.  Always an exhausting few days but lots of fun memories were made! 

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