Friday, January 16, 2015

#FlashBackFriday - Sanibel Part II

Another rough day on the island.  Kinley loved jumping in her ring!
The girls had quite the entertainment crew.. 

Beach babies
Building more castles 
Our "spot"
Another morning on the lanai...I could get use to that! 

Later in the week we drove to Captiva for a quick visit to the Mucky Duck. 
A few action shots of the girls playing in the waves... 

I think this was after a visit to Casa Ybel for a tropical drink! 
I'm totally okay with being up with the sun if it's this beautiful! 

Laiken helped me shell on our last morning. 
Daddy and Kinley joined us after a run to the Sanibel Bean (our favorite!) 

Our last day at the pool with Uncle RoRo  
Daddy and Kinley fun! 
Family pool pic 

Saturday morning we loaded up the car after a full week in paradise.  We always have to say "see ya next time" to the beach before we leave! 

Pit stop on the way home.  I've kind of blocked out the memories of the drive home but I know it was bad.  Both girls ended up being sick when we got home so I'm sure they felt bad the whole way.  Needless to say we had some crabby, needy girls who did NOT want to sleep. 
Oh well, the memories were more than worth it and we survived! 
Now that I'm way behind on blogging, I can say that our condo is booked again for this year and we cannot wait to get back!  One year is way too long in between.

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