Monday, January 12, 2015

Welcome 2015!

We rang in the new year with a few close friends and changed it up a bit this year.  Normally we host the NYE party but this year we decided to go out to dinner and to a concert at a bar.  Turns out, we're going to stick to our normal NYE plans from now on...

The girls had a sleepover party at my parents house and they had to wear their sassy cardigans!  Kinley found my heals and LOVES walking around in them which is pretty comical.
Here are the girls with their party hats - my mom bought fun noise makers and they thought it was the coolest!

We had an awesome dinner at Coopers Hawk and had lots of fun but the bar was packed with 21 year olds and Sam Hunt quit playing at 11:30...did I mention it was new years eve?  How lame is that?  We still made the most of it and had a fun time!

This happenend last week when the girls were playing in their new Frozen tent/castle and Kinley fell into the coffee table, ouch!

The girls gave me quite a run for my money last Sunday so we took a drive to Sonic and I had just about lost my mind.  Then I looked back and saw this.  Heart melted and everything was good in my world...until the next fight started when we got home.

Kinley's bedtime was totally out of wake from the holidays so this was 8:30 one evening.  Two things to note:  1.  She's sassy and 2. She goes through 5 outfits per day and none of them usually include normal pants or a shirt - she loves leos and dress up clothes  But you're only a 3 year old princess once right?!
and 8:45...

Welcome to winter in Illinois - the snow has begun!  The girls LOVE it!  It has been so darn cold that I hadn't let them play outside much but I finally gave in one evening after work.
We lasted approximately 7 minutes until I started worrying about wind chill.  The weather man said that the weekly forecast looked like a phone number - 8579786 (all single digits, brrr!)

We had a super lazy (but productive) weekend last weekend and Tiki wanted to play hide-and-seek.  The girls think she's pretty cool and Kinley calls Tiki "her girl." ha!
We also practiced our gymnastics!

This girl can be a picky eater but one thing she loves is meatballs.  She asked me not to cut it up so she could eat it like this - what a goof! 

And happy Monday - someone came down with the flu.  :(  

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