Friday, May 11, 2012

Kylie Soccer

Last Friday night we finally made it to one of Kylie's soccer games!
Sue & I were yelling at her to look at the camera for a quick pic before the game started and it looks like only 1 girl got the memo, hilarious!

That's better!
Kylie is an awesome defender and plays on multiple teams year round either indoor or outdoor.
Kinley enjoyed watching the game, too!

She spent some time playing on the blanket and I captured this as the sun was starting to set.
Checking out the grass

Kylie's team went on to beat the other team by a ton so I lost count...8-0?  Yep that's sounds good!  (I'm sure Ky will correct me).
Tuckers always have to be #10!

Investigating the grass a little more.
A few of my favorite girlies!
I love watching my neices & nephews' sports (b/c they're so good..I think I've mentioned that before, lol) but I just have a hard time finding time to go.  Hopefully we can make it to more games throughout the year!

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