Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Michael & Beth's new house

Michael & Beth decided to take the plunge into becoming home owners this month!  They had been looking for a few months and fell in love with this home in the St. Louis Hills.

They closed on April 28 so my mom, Cora, Kinley, & I drove down for the day. We spent most of the day looking over the house & planning what they want to do to it while the inspectors did their thing.

Here's a front view - it's a gorgeous place with tons of character throughout!
(I feel like I'm a realtor, lol)

Big front porch

Formal living room

Dining room - this is the former owners furnishings, can't wait to see what they do with the place!

Kinley hanging out in the kitchen

Kitchen view from dining room

Main bathroom with original stained glass

Master bath - gorgeous renovations

Posing in front of the new place

After the inspectors were finished we grabbed lunch at Joey B's (M & B's favorite) and caught up with Michael's parents.

The weather had been beautiful all day but while we were eating the skies decided to open up and downpour...and that was the beginning of the night of the twisters! hahaha kidding...kind of...

After our late lunch we headed to Michael's parents house to meet Michael's brother-in-law, Matt, & nephew, Caden.  We watched Kinley & Caden play, caught up on some sports, and watched the weather get worse & worse (fortunately not right around us).  

Since there's a little wine shop a mile away, we thought what better way to relax and begin the evening than with a little vino!

We got a table outside even though we knew there was definite potential that we would get wet. Luckily, we didn't!
Kinley really wanted to sample some wine, too!

My wine?!

After tasting & buying a few bottles we snapped a quick pic before the big storm hit.

We arrived back at Mike & Sharon's house just in time before another downpour!  Unfortunately, the really bad storm hit downtown and tore through the area around Busch Stadium and ruined a huge tent which injured many and killed one person.  So sad!

Thankfully, we were safe in our area so we could enjoy our time together.
Kinley in her pj's & Caden letting her borrow his beloved pen.

Uncle Michael, Beth, & Caden

You would never be able to tell how awful the weather was that day by looking out the windows behind Kinley.
K loved Caden's walker

We had such a fun day with Beth, Michael, & his family but decided to finally hit the road around 8pm since more storms were rolling in.  God was definitely watching over us that day & night because as soon as we got on the road the sky turned black behind us and the rain started to pour again.

I decided to check the radar after we left and saw a huge red spot on the radar headed straight for us, yikes!  We had left just in time though and were able to outrun the storm.

We are so excited to get back to St. Louis again once they're moved in and maybe do a little shopping that time! :)

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