Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 7-15 in Pictures

We went to Osaka to celebrate my sister's birthday and Kinley was very impressed with her first hibachi experience. She was also impressed with Aunt Beth's purse!
Attempt at a family pic...
Kinley with a few of her aunties!
Baking has got a lot more fun and messy with this little one!
Caught chocolate handed!

That little wrinkled up nose gets me every time!
Scott did a golf themed bar crawl Saturday and Kinley found an extra putter that he left behind.
Driving to the golf course!
Since the snow hasn't stuck around for long, we decided to sled through the house!
Kinley had to bring a babydoll home from Sue's house one day.  They watched Dance Moms with me.
This is part of our nightly ritual - turning her lamp on and off.
And I'll leave you with a little nap time picture of our sweet girls.

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