Tuesday, February 26, 2013

17 Months

Kinley -

I swear, you get more fun everyday...and a little sassier, too.  Some days I look at you and you seem like a little baby still and other days you seem like such a big girl!  I'm sure that's only going to seem more extreme when baby sister arrives!

Crazy girl!
You have become a big helper lately and you seem to love when we ask you to help with things.  Last week you figured out how to open the cabinet that holds the dog food, then open the container & scoop out some food for your puppies.  Now we let you feed them in the morning and at night but you hate hearing that we're all done and throw a big fit every.single.time.  I'm sure the pups would love your feeding schedule!

Since I'm not as mobile as usual, I ask you to grab my phone off the floor or get the remote and you look so proud when you bring me what I need.  Hopefully this will transition well with you helping take care of baby.

This is totally too much information but you even like to get toilet paper and flush the toilet for me, ha!  Daddy calls you my little shadow, everywhere I go, you go so you just decided to help me one day.  :)
You always have to "cheese" for the camera now, ha!
Lately your favorite sayings include:  I dunno (shrug your shoulders), all done, off, rocky-rock, ya ya, no no, woah, "ummm" when we're picking out clothes or deciding what to eat, and Scott got you to say "dude" last week (ha!).

You love coloring and tracing our hands.

You've mastered swiping our phones to get to the apps & actually know where to scroll to find your alphabet song & Disney apps.
Showing me your doggie shirt
This is random but your hair is getting crazy!  You're kind of growing a mullet so I've been struggling with whether or not to get your first haircut.  I probably need to trim your bangs if nothing else (see picture above).
We're working on counting to 3 and you can usually start by saying "one" when we hold up our finger and love to shout "free!" for three at the end but you haven't said two yet.

You're coming out of your shell little by little and wave and talk to strangers...as long as they aren't looking at you.  The second they smile at you and talk back, you look away and act shy.

All of your stats are holding pretty steady.  You weigh 21 pounds and are in 12-18 month clothes & size 4 diapers.  Your naps are all over the place but you get at least one per day.  You finally decided that going to bed early is much better so you've been going down around 8pm, sleeping until 5am, and then in our bed until 6:15ish.

I still can't believe that I'll be telling people that you're one and a half next month!  Maybe we'll have a mini celebration!  We love you SO much, princess!

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