Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've been excited for Valentine's Day this year!  Not so much for the cards, candy, and flowers but to dress Kinley in all of her pink & red!

We started wearing our Valentine's finest last week...
I really need to start getting out my big camera instead of using all Instagram pictures...
I bought her onesie & elephant clip on Etsy. 

Side note - I would not recommend the shop that made her onesie, it wasn't very well made BUT Geneva Diva makes the cutest/cheapest hair clips & bows and hosts fun giveaways/contests on Facebook so I totally recommend them!  And no, I was not reimbursed - free advertising if you make good stuff! :)

Anyway, I was also determined to make a front door decoration that I saw on Pinterest.  Instead of reinventing the wheel and giving another step by step tutorial, I'll link to the one I used.  It was really simple but a little time consuming.
I changed it up a little based on what I could find at Michaels & Joann Fabrics.  The only paper mache letters were really small so found a big piece of styrofoam and traced my own letters onto it to cut out.  I also used felt instead of t-shirts & straight pins instead of hot glue.

I think I cut out 100 pink circles & 100 red circles so I did one set each night and then it took me under an hour to pin it all to the Styrofoam last weekend.
I was pretty happy with how it turned out and now I have a Valentine's decoration to use every year!

We had to get pictures this morning before we left the house!  Daddy's 3 girls on Valentine's Day.
This little sweetheart decided to get up at 5:30 and didn't really go back to sleep so pictures were a little difficult.  But lets talk about this face.  Yes, Kinley, you get whatever you want with those puppy dog eyes!
Then I asked her if she wanted to send a picture to Grandma and she perked right up with a pose and everything!  And for the record, she hated her skirt this morning and kept saying, off, off!  I'm a mean mommy & made her wear it to Aunt Sue's.  :)  Then I got a text from Sue at 8:17 saying that her skirt was already off and she gave a big "aaaah."
Love my little Valentine!

Later in the day I decided to compare her Valentine's Day picture from last year.  What a difference 1 year makes, wow.
And I got the best surprise of all when Sue brought Kinley up to my office for a visit and they brought me a Valentine & candy!  SO lucky to have an amazing sis-in-law/auntie-sitter for K.

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