Friday, August 16, 2013

Laiken: 2 months old!

Laiken -
You had quite an eventful second month!  You were carted around from house to house and store to store and you just went with the flow.  That was a very welcome change from your big sis.
Here's a comparison of Kinley's 2 month picture.  I still think you two look alike but have your own look, too.
You are such a smiley baby and love interacting and "talking" to people.  You don't know a stranger and love when you get attention!  You're usually only fussy if you're hungry or your tummy hurts.
You look like such a big girl already, too!  I don't know where my newborn baby went!  You don't care for tummy time but you love your bath time.
You also love to grab toys on your play mat.  We wondered if you were about to get teeth because you're hands are constantly in your mouth!  No teeth to report yet though.

You were such a good girl at your doctor appointment!  You just hung out and smiled and chatted with the nurses.  You weighed 12 pounds 5 ounces and were 23.25 inches long.  Obviously, you hated your shots but got over it pretty quick.
You are in 0-3 month clothes and fill them out pretty well already!  You wear size 1 diapers and eat around 4 ounces of milk every 3 hours.  You definitely don't miss a meal!
We absolutely love watching you grow every day and you are such a joy to have in our family!  Your smile can light up a room and always makes my stressful days better.  We love you, "Ka!"

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