Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Early Fall 2013

My nieces & nephew went back to school at the end of August.  Kinley absolutely loves her cousins so we were a little nervous as to how she would take the news that they weren't going to be home all day anymore.
I packed up her backpack with new goodies and we walked down to see the kids get on the bus.
Kylie had already gone to school by the time we got there so we got pics with Delaney & Brayden.
She wasn't so sure about the kids leaving...
I can't even imagine her first day of school!
We went down to visit Aunt B and went shopping at the new outlet malls!
Love these girls.
I think this was at Papa Ron's birthday party...
Kinley started gymnastics at Midstate at the end of August.  She loved it!
My niece Maille sent me this picture of her as a baby.  I thought she and Laiken had very strong resemblances...
Maille - Laiken
Just another cute Kinley picture.
Nothing beats sweet cuddly babies!  Laiken was always a good cuddle bug.

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