Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kinley is 2!!

Kinley turned 2 on September 19.  It's funny because at the time I thought she was so big but now, writing this post nearly 10 months later she looks like such a baby!  Tears!

I decorated the night before her birthday so she would have something fun to wake up to.
She loved her little gifts and got balloons at Aunt Sue's!!

We invited our families over to celebrate on her actual birthday.  Scott & I gave her a kitchen and she loved it!  Of course we had to set it up outside.

I wasn't sure how she would react to everyone singing happy birthday but she loved it...that or she was just really distracted by the candles. ha!
Ok...I think I like this...
Make a wish!

We had a birthday bash the Saturday after her birthday party.  She loves the Disney show Doc McStuffins so it was a no brainer that that was the party should would have.
Someday I will learn to scale back on the decor but I love doing it!
We can't forget about little sis!
This one is for Laiken's baby book - I walked over and saw Laiken chewing on a pepperoni courtesy of my silly mother-in-law.  First food:  pepperoni at 5 months old.  haha
The birthday girl was NOT into pictures that day...surprise, surprise.
I am always terrible about getting pictures of all of the guests but here are some of our friends - Ryan & Courtney (and baby Charlie in her belly)!
Scott's mom also brought this hilarious pug balloon which Kinley loved!
Yeah...still not having the pictures.
Time to sing!
Once again, she didn't wig out about all of the attention.  We're making big strides!
Time to open gifts!
These princess shoes are still some of her favorites!
I loved that she actually enjoyed opening the presents even if she did tear through them at lightening speed!
Done with that, now time to play!!
We also still love all of our baby doll things, too.
One more big cheese from Laiken Lou!
This girl loved her Doc stuff!

Kinley - 

You are such a sweet girl and we're so lucky to call you ours.  You say the funniest things and surprise us with something new everyday.  Your sweet demeanor shines through but you are still pretty shy around people that you don't know.  I know you will eventually grow out of it but for now I usually let my mama bear instinct take over and tell people to leave you alone.  You warm up and do things on your own terms, even though sometimes that can be frustrating.  You're a wonderful big sister and always want to check on Laiken (even though you might be poking at her a minute later).  Two years flew by in the blink of an eye so I can't even imagine what the next few will bring. We love you to the moon and back!

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