Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Photo Recap (Part 1)

I happened to glance through my photo album on my phone a few days ago and realized that I haven't posted pics from it since May, oops!  This weekend I'm determined to get caught up from that so I'm all ready for the 4th of July weekend pics!  I'm pretty excited to celebrate with our little firecracker in my arms instead of my belly this year!

I believe this is Memorial Day weekend at Island Bay.
Had to throw in a pic of my first babies.
One very early Saturday morning, Kinley decided to sing along with Luke Bryan on CMT.  She rolled across the floor and found our old microphone for 'Rock Band.'
Pool baby
Just hangin' out - hi guys!
We went over to Jack & Marsha's house on June 1st for a get together since Megan was in town.  We've had gorgeous weather since March so a cool down was perfect cook out weather.  I still can't believe we were in long sleeves in June, ha!
I'm pretty sure that weather only lasted 1 day though.
So happy that we got to visit with our soon to be Dr. cousin!
Another day at the Jeffers' pool.  Since Scott works most weekends, our Saturdays & Sundays usually consist of swimmin' & swingin'.
I have a feeling that Kinley is going to give Tiki a run for her money!
Such a big girl in the cart on one of our many quick trips to Wal-mart.
We went to watch some of our guy friends play in a softball league at the lake.
Scott finally had a weekend off on June 9 & 10 so he was pumped to get the boat running!  He also installed a new stereo so it was like Christmas for him on that Friday night.
It's so fun to watch her learn new things!
She gets so excited!
Sorry for the lame post but I can't skip these pictures or videos!  Stay tuned for more, haha!

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