Tuesday, June 5, 2012

8 Months Old!

Kinley -

You turned 8 months old on May 19 and you are at such a fun age!
Your newest obsession is clapping and waving - it's pretty much the cutest thing ever!  You are SO interested in your hands that you are opening and closing your fingers all the time.  From the second you fall asleep to the moment you wake up, you are always moving those hands.

Your hair is starting to come in more and more every day and I can't wait to give you a "Pebbles" ponytail and put bows in your hair!
You still have a sweet (and sassy) personality.  You laugh and laugh when you're tickled or when your cousins are being silly, but if a stranger looks at you for too long, the tears start quick!  I tend to giggle a little and let the people know that you're a sensitive little soul and take a while to come around.  I love that about you.  :)
You aren't crawling yet but you've become the best roller!  You're definitely better at rolling to the right and can roll across the room in the blink of an eye.

You're either up on your hands holding your head high, or your little booty is stuck up in the air like this. Eventually you'll learn to pick everything up together and take off but I'm enjoying this last little bit of immobility.
You also love to stand up.  You can pull yourself up while holding our hands but haven't quite mastered pulling up on things like the couch or table.
You're still in size 6-9 and 9 month clothes and a size 3 diaper.  I'm really bad about weighing you but I'm guessing you're just under 20 pounds.

Sleep has still kind of been an issue so I think we need to work on that again.

You still don't have any teeth but you LOVE to eat!  You hum and say MmmMmm when you want more of something or want what we're eating, it's hilarious!  You've been eating a mix of baby food purees and little pieces of table food.  You even love hummus and guacamole, and I don't mean plain avocados.  Daddy gave you some spicy guac one night without me knowing and I told him not to give you any but he already had.  I'm not sure if it's on the 'approved' food list but you sure enjoyed it!
We're still waiting for your first word (which I know will be mama).  Until then, you've been entertaining us with various grunts, shrieks, and giggles and that's good enough for me!

I'm not sure how I could love you anymore than I already do, especially with those big blue eyes and shy little smirk you always do. 


We love you, K!

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