Monday, June 11, 2012

My 1st Mother's Day

My only request for Mother's Day was for Scott to get up early with Kinley and entertain her while I slept in a little. It's sad when 8:30am is considered sleeping in but it felt great!

I woke up to Scott & Kinley standing over me with what looked like a box of wheat thins, ha! (I am seriously blind without my glasses!) Finally I realized that they had a little mommy's day present for me - a woozie (wine coozie) and a new "mom" tervis tumbler. They really know the way to my heart! :)
We got ready and had brunch at Scott's parents house and had a few more hours to visit with family from out of town. We had great food and great company, what more could I ask for!
We swung by my parents house a little later to wish my mom a happy mother's day, too. After that, I did a little cleaning and planted my butt on the couch for the evening!
It's crazy how much more thankful I've become for our moms.  This new job of being a mommy is demanding, exhausting, overwhelming, exciting, scary, but most of all, so incredibly rewarding.  It's hard to imagine loving anything else as much as you love your child/children.
My mom has helped me SO much in the past 8 months that I can't even begin to thank her enough.  The first few months were a rough transition and she was there every step of the way. 

She would be over in 8 minutes the second she heard me in tears on the phone because I was exhausted and Kinley wouldn't stop crying. 

She was there to reassure me that I was doing it right even when I felt like I was doing it all wrong. 

She was at my side through every awful, painful nursing issue that I had - if that doesn't bring you close, I don't know what will! ; )

She always had the right words, even if I didn't want to hear them at the time.

She set the best example of how to be a kind, loving, generous, selfless, hard working mom.  I still don't think I'll ever ben able to live up to her.

I feel so lucky to have such wonderful moms to look up to in my family (including my aunts, cousins, & in-laws!)

I hope everyone had an amazing mothers day, I know I did!

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