Monday, October 22, 2012

A big week of celebrations!

The 2nd week in October will always mean lots of celebrating for our family.
We celebrated Scott's birthday on October 9 and our 2nd wedding anniversary on the 10th.  Yep, he has NO excuse to forget our anniversary. :)
Our wedding day was definitely one of the best days of our lives.  I remember saying that we would take a trip back to Sanibel for our anniversary every year and so far that hasn't happened.  Babies happened, ha!
I meant to do a wedding re-cap post for our anniversary but that definitely didn't happen.  Maybe eventually...
Anyway, Scott & I went to dinner by ourselves at Bella Milano on Tuesday night.  Of course, I wanted to bring Kinley since I don't get to see her much during the work week but Scott's parents told us they were keeping her.
It turned out to be a good idea and we enjoyed a leisurely dinner without hearing the word "more" 100 times during the meal.  (I did kind of miss it though).
The hubby did good and sent me flowers Wednesday - lilies like my wedding bouquet and roses because he's romantic.
We went out to dinner at Island Bay with our parents on Thursday night to wrap up our week of celebrations.
I couldn't love these 2 more!
Kinley was so well behaved and we had a great evening!
If you would have told me that on our 2nd wedding anniversary we would have a 1 year old and another on the way I would have called you crazy!  I guess life's a little crazy like that but I wouldn't change it for the world!

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