Thursday, October 11, 2012

End of September

Here's my usual photo dump of pictures that didn't make it on the blog yet from my phone.  Sorry if you follow me on Instagram since I pull most of them from there.  And if you don't have instagram or follow me, you should - saraht_10. :)
A couple cute birthday pics:
She LOVED her presents and reading with Mckenzie!

I think she looks so different in the next 2 pictures, a lot more grown up...
and that wrinkled up nose and big grin...gets me every time!

She had some very important business to attend to that afternoon...

Kinley got her 1st real sickness (a virus & red throat) a few days after her birthday party so we had to go to the doctor on her actual birthday.  So sad, she had up to a 103 temp for most of the week. :(
I took some time off and we made a nest on the floor to watch some tv.  She never lays still or really watches tv so I knew she wasn't feeling good.

She still had to play in her new car even though she was feeling cruddy.
The virus ran its course and she was her happy self by the end of the weekend!
We dressed her in her Notre Dame cheerleading uniform for one of the games.  Daddy LOVED this!

She is such a good helper with dishes! <wink, wink>

She loves watching grandpa and daddy mow the lawn so she's practicing.  AND would you check out those leopard leggings?!  Love.

Apparently we did lots of dishes in September and we were really happy about it...

Kinley was up before the sun one morning so we made breakfast casserole.  Once again, good helper. ;)

I decided to let her use a spoon since she normally just picks up her food.  I'll just say that she got very inventive...
The spoon worked for a little while and then she thought her hands might work better...
but then she decided to try out the Buffett & Tiki eating style...look no hands!
And finally, the drinking method - I about died laughing when she did this!
And here are 2 short videos showing 2 of her favorite words (the grunting means that she really wants something):
That's all for now!

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