Saturday, November 10, 2012

13 Months Old!

Here's a quick run-down of what our big girl has been doing lately!  (Besides being a daredevil & climbing on everything!)
Your normal vocab is about the same as last month:  mama, dada, Bubba (Buffett), byebye, hi, hello, Kyky, Lala, more, another (nuner), no-no, uh-oh, moo, Rawr.

You shake your head yes or no to answer questions.
You now have 4 teeth on top, the 2 middle teeth on the bottom, and your
right bottom popped through this month!  That brings you to 7 teeth!
You took a few steps early this month at 12 ½ months old.  You aren’t totally walking because you’re still nervous but you will take a few steps and lunge at whoever you’re walking to.  You stand unassisted and seem pretty steady on your feet.  You can squat down and stand up to pick up toys, it’s just tough to get those feet moving!
I don’t think I ever mentioned that you learned to go down the stairs the “safe way.”  I think you’ve been doing it since you were 11 months so you’re an old pro by now.  You have even figured out how to go safe way to get off the couch!
You took your last bottle on your 13 month birthday.  Daddy went out of town that weekend and you didn’t have any bottles the whole time.  I was nervous because you always fell asleep by taking your bottle and I didn’t know if you would go down without it.  I sang you our normal songs (Goodnight sweetheart, Take me out to the ballgame, & Twinkle, Twinkle) and you fell asleep like a little angel!  You have done really well without the bottles but you don’t like drinking milk out of a sippy cup so that’s our biggest challenge.
Now you seem to really like our nightly routine and will lay your head
down on our shoulder a few minutes after we walk into your bedroom.

You love bath time and always shake your head NO when we ask if you’re ready to get out.  Daddy even got you to put your face in the water and you thought you were so cool!  You would dunk your face a little and sit up clapping with a big smile!  You also like to take the washcloth and wash yourself since you’re such a big girl now.
Naps are still all over the board.  Some days you take 2 good naps and other days it’s a struggle to get you to settle down for one. 

We haven’t been too adventurous with food lately so we’ve stuck to your
favorites – any kind of pasta or fruit and we’ll try to hide veggies when we can. 
You wear 18 months clothes (usually with the sleeves or pant legs
rolled because they’re too long) and are in size 4 diapers.
Your little personality just shines through everyday and we cherish every moment with you!

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