Friday, November 2, 2012

Ghouls, Goblins, and Elephants !?!

Scott & I started off our week with a party at Kyle & Becca's the weekend before Halloween. 

Here are a few of the girls:  Veronica Corningstone (from Anchorman), Lady Liberty, Mummy-to-be, & Athena.
We had lots of fun but I was done & ready to go by 12:30 - I need my sleep when I'm preggo!
We also had a fun couple of days celebrating Halloween with our little Elephant. I fretted over her costume for a week or two before stumbling upon the costume at Kohls and I think it worked out perfectly! I've never seen a cuter elephant!
We started our festivities at Southwind Park's Halloween celebration on Sunday evening. There were plenty of activities for the big kids to do but not so much for Kinley so we basically walked around and showed off our sweet pea.
She even stayed up late enough to watch fireworks for the first time! They always start later on 4th of July so she was already in bed. She continued to surprise us and didn't mind the fireworks. She actually almost fell asleep during them, ha!
We had one tired elephant on the ride home!
Rochester's Trick-or-treating was on Wednesday so we went over to my bro & sis-in-laws for their annual Halloween party. 
Delaney was an injured gymnast (minus the crutches), Brayden was a zombie, and Kylie was a dancing ninja.
Our Boo-ti-ful baby looked festive that day in her black & orange.
We had to snap a few pics of our elephant before we went trick-or-treating and snacks were essential...
Kinley caption left to right:  1. I love when dad has crackers for me  2. Yummy in my tummy 3. Hey mom, I'm not done eating yet!  4. Ok, just a few more chews! (or telling me I'm a Loser). ha!
She wasn't sure what to think & didn't let go of her candy bag!
Scott carried her through the neighborhood.
 We ate when we got back and Kinley had a blast "handing out" candy and playing in it!
She just loves her cousins!

I'm pretty sure we got our money's worth out of that costume.  Kinley even wore it to music class the day after! 

Happy Halloween!

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