Thursday, November 15, 2012

End of October

A few things that didn't make the blog from October...
Kinley & I went to Jess's baby shower on October 20 and she did SO good.  Some of the food was a little fancy so I didn't know what Kinley would eat for lunch.  Thank goodness that girl likes anything and she ate my orzo pasta with black olives, tomatoes, and feta.  She picked at my salad and ate my bread so I was left with nothing, ha!
 Jess got a ton of her big stuff so she was all ready for baby boy Huff to arrive!  Here's us with the mommy-to-be:
 And since I'm so behind, I can announce that Rowen Morris Huff made an early entrance into the world on November 7.  He & mommy are doing great & I cannot wait to meet this little guy!
 And this words necessary...
I'm not sure how anything can top that precious photo...
I'm jumping all around but the night of the baby shower we went to a birthday party at my Uncle Jack & Aunt Marsha's house.  Kinley was in baby heaven!  There were lots of other kids to play with and tons of toys!
Here's my little tornado, she's non-stop these days!
And still sassy as ever.  I ordered her pumpkin dress from Julianne Originals on Etsy.  I've made a deal with myself that I get one personalized Etsy purchase per holiday for Kinley so I don't get out of control. :)
My cousin Megan came home from Michigan for the party!  Here she is snuggling her first niece Kate.  Love!  We had so much fun at the party!!
And a few more random pictures from a lazy October weekend...
This was obviously a really exciting afternoon at my house...
My 2 little crazy girls. <3

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