Saturday, November 17, 2012

Maille's Confirmation & Cheer

 We went up to Aurora to watch our niece Maille cheer and to celebrate her confirmation on the 1st weekend in November .  She's a freshman this year (how is this even possible?!?!) and cheers on the varsity squad.  (Proud auntie right here!)
We arrived Saturday morning, grabbed some Chick-fil-a on the way, and got all bundled up for the game!  Of course, I took a million pictures so enjoy a few of them...
Kinley snuggled with daddy.
Showing off her new hat & coat from Grandma (can we say spoiled)?  But you know I love it. :)

Our nephew Rian is the ball boy so he gets to hang out on the sideline with the team!  I think that's about as cool as it gets as a junior high kid.
The cheerleaders performed a fun routine at halftime:
Maille is such a great tumbler as well: 
Montini barely pulled out a win with one of the most intense last 5 minutes I've ever seen!  That means they get to move on in the playoffs and maybe play SHG from Springfield soon??
After the game we snapped a cousin pic!  I've watched these kids grow up before my eyes and am so proud of the amazing "big kids" they're becoming. I'm sure I'm one of "those people" that brags about her nieces & nephews way too much but I don't care. :) They all have very big spots in my heart.
And don't even get me started on this one...those eyes, that grin...melt me into a puddle!
Enough sap...Sunday morning we woke up and enjoyed, coffee, donuts, and smoothies!  Can you guess who ate a whole donut and drank most of my smoothie??
I did a little early Christmas shopping at the outlet mall near their house that morning and found some major bargains!
That afternoon we helped get ready for Maille's confirmation party.  (She got confirmed Saturday morning but we couldn't make it up in time).
I didn't get many pictures from the party but did get a couple of the kids playing downstairs.  Kinley plays great when I'm not there but the 2nd I walk in and she realizes that I'm not holding her, this happens:
Kinley loved playing with the firetruck!
Maille's cousin Claire LOVED playing with "Kimley" - too bad I didn't get a good shot of them together!
Hhhhmmm...not too sure about something.
We hit the road early but snapped a quick pic with Maille before we left.
 We love you, MayMay!

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